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Flexible and Portable Cloud Storage with Red Hat Gluster Storage on Google Cloud Platform

Values related to scalability, agility, performance, flexibility and productivity are determinant in our ever-connected world where the completion is increasingly aggressive within each industry and sector. Google Cloud Platform drives lot of excitements in the cloud computing industry ; one can then observe inter alia that, Red Hat, Inc., the provider of open source solutions, strengthens its relationship with Google to deliver Red Hat Gluster Storage on Google Cloud Platform.
For your modern applications that need flexible storage solutions that can scale-out as business needs change, managing petabytes of data in a variety of environments, Red Hat Gluster Storage, available to Google Cloud Platform can help you with the required scalability, agility, performance, flexibility and productivity.

Red Hat +DevOps to the Network with New Ansible Capabilities

Network performance is at the heart of stakes in our ever-connected world, so that it is exciting to see that, the cloud and automation offer a powerful opportunity to evolve and advance the network, bringing together once disparate technologies and teams. 
In fact, the trends of cloud, big data, and microservices demand ever increasing speed, scale, and flexibility in network infrastructure.
Based on this reality, Red Hat,Inc. , a provider of open source solutions, is bringing DevOps to networking by extending Ansible ; its powerful IT automation and DevOps platform ; to include native agentless support for automating heterogeneous network infrastructure devices using the same simple human and machine readable automation language that Ansible provides to IT teams. 
One can then observe that, with expanded Ansible networking capabilities, Red Hat is aiming to help you orchestrate entire application infrastructures, including network devices, with one automation tool. You can inter alia b…