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Database as a Service to OpenStack-Based Private Clouds

Due to its performances, its agility, seamless, flexibility, scalability and its security, the excitements around OpenStack are promising and encouraged within large enterprises. Henceforth companies have there, a holistic opportunity to streamline their IT systems, enhance productivity and security. Making OpenStack Secure and Compliant for the Enterprise is a game-changer. So that, strategic alliances, collaboration between cloud providers are encouraged by 
In this momentum, salutes the new collaboration between Oracle with Mirantis to enable Oracle Solaris and Mirantis OpenStack users to accelerate application and database provisioning in private cloud environments via Murano, the application project in the OpenStack ecosystem. 
The integration between Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Solaris and Mirantis OpenStack in the upcoming Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 release aims to allow those users to quickly deploy Oracle Database applications with a few clicks…

Oracle Documaker Mobile in our mobile age.

The mobility is henceforth at the core of productivity within enterprises and within the making-decision processes.
The 21st professional is agile and mobile, and need flexible and real-time access for information and actionable data through relevant technologies. Millions around the world streamline this experience in real-time with
Henceforth Oracle Documaker Mobile, a new product that aims to enable businesses to produce the same content for print and for device-responsive mobile delivery, helps businesses to deliver interactive documents that are searchable, easy to navigate, and responsive to mobile devices. 
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Insight on immediate opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

Expectations are high like results and data from this industry that are more and more promising and relevant in their real-time ability to improve our living and working conditions.
IDC predicts that the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow 19% in 2015, led by digital signage.
IoT use in consumer, retail, healthcare, government, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries, is growing like worldwide spending across IoT use cases, including smart appliances, automated public transit, remote health monitoring, digital signage, connected vehicles, and air traffic monitoring, among others.
IDC has designed a comprehensive spending model to help vendors clearly understand the industry-specific opportunity for IoT technologies today.
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Securing DNS Inside Enterprise Networks

Stakes and challenges around the DNS are more and more blunt, strong, strategic and critical, both for attackers and Enterprise networks and their reputation. recalls that the critical position of DNS in the network makes it an optimal enforcement point for protection and security response; therefore encourages interest in DNS-based security associated with DDI solutions.
The goal is to help protect seamlessly mission-critical DNS infrastructure, block APTs and malware, and prevent data exfiltration.
In this dynamic, the real-time ability to examine incoming and outgoing DNS traffic is a game-changer, when it comes to inter alia: Detect and block internal and external DNS DDoS attacks, DNS-based exploits, and DNS tunneling,Maintain system integrity and availability, even under extreme attacks,update threat feed of malicious IP addresses and domain destinations, Detect DNS tunneling, providing alerts, and blocking queries,Help …

Open Source Cloud Orchestration Platform and in-memory computing in our digital age.

The rate of change in IT is exciting and is at the core of productivity, performance, agility, seamless, scalability, enhanced security and flexibility companies and IT professionals and systems need nowadays. 
When it comes to Open Source Cloud Orchestration Platform and in-memory computing in our digital age, it is obvious that, the ‘’all-in-one’’ approach paves its way with compelling results; bringing inter alia: pure-play cloud orchestration to every major cloud platform.
In this momentum, standards-based (TOSCA) cloud orchestration platform that supports every major cloud infrastructure offering; Linux container technologies; Docker; NFV/VNF Orchestration including IPv6, and Remote agent monitoring; enhanced security features including REST API authentication with LDAP and encryption between the command-line interface; OpenStack are the game-changer.
For informational purpose only, recalls that, GigaSpaces Technologies through two product lines, Cloudify and XA…

Protect Amazon Web Services hosted environments from cyber and insider threats.

The access to company data and resources drives lot of lusts. These lusts are also at the core blunt challenges within the digital economy when it comes to the end-to-end security.
Amazon provides performance and availability monitoring of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure; over 1 million customers utilize AWS, but the customer is responsible for securing their own data, applications and virtual machines.
Based on this reality ObserveIT CloudThreat for Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to protect AWS hosted environments from cyber and insider threats with user behavior monitoring and analytics. 
ObserveIT CloudThreat for AWS is a lightweight agent that is easily deployed on any Amazon Linux AMI.
CloudThreat can provide visibility into all administrative actions and creates detailed user activity logs of the actual commands being run.
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Bring the enterprise to OpenStack

Cloud adoption and improvements are on the rise and OpenStack in this momentum is the foundation for seamless, agile, scalable, flexible, productive and secure cloud platforms including: public, hybrid, dedicated, private and managed services. Bring the enterprise to OpenStack in this dynamic, means that you have firts: mastered theOpenStack adoption and powerful manageability withinthe enterprise, and thereafter:use the interoperability of OpenStack to seamlessly deploy application and data across hybrid clouds including public, dedicated and local. 
Quickly deploy an integrated and highly-secure cloud that is built on a strong foundation of security. 
Be able to launch efficiently applications on local, on-premises installations, and on public, dedicated and local clouds.