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Find and try solutions for your cloud applications: trends, marketplace, stakes and recommendations.

You are already aware of the unmatched benefits and opportunities provided by the cloud computing services and technologies including productivity, flexibility and performance. It is also exciting and encouraging to help businesses and developers of all sizes to easily find and try secure, flexible and scalable solutions for their cloud applications. Within this momentum, businesses and developers need inter alia: good practices and methodologies; enterprise-ready solutions; simplified purchasing experience; add-on offerings; specific services (to build highly scalable, reliable, and durable enterprise applications); sophisticated integrated, complementary solutions., overall, talks about streamlined experience which eliminates the need to use separate tools and services, and ultimately provides new opportunities for engagement, integration and distribution. The OpenShift platform paves its way in this vertical.

Optical Atto-Cell Network in our digital-driven world.

The way we use the mobile internet is progressively exciting and various. The excitements from the emerging trend like the Internet of Things are also full of unmatched opportunities to streamline our digital-living.
Wi-Fi as a connectivity plays a considerable role in this dynamic. HenceforthpureLiFi, brings to market its Li-Fi network likely to achieve up to 1000x higher capacity per area than traditional Wi-Fi systems., soon #Retinknow talks about bidirectional wireless solution that uses visible light communication (VLC) to transmit data., soon #Retinknow recalls that Li-Fi , is a term coined by pureLiFi’s CSO, Professor Haas , a technology based on VLC that can provide full networking capabilities similar to Wi-Fi but with significantly greater spatial reuse of bandwidth.

All about Cloud Services Providers; Cloud Services Brokerages; Cloud Services Aggregators MSPs and VARs.

At,we are progressively thrilled to observe that numerous companies, organizations and public sector are leading the way and appropriate cloud computing advantages.
Cloud computing services and technologies are henceforth critical when it comes to productivity and flexibility.
In this landscape, Cloud Services Providers: CSPs offer SaaS (software as a service), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and/or PaaS (platform as a service) and more to partners/customers. 
Cloud Services Brokerages: CSBs, or cloud brokers, recommend and resell multiple cloud services to customers, and often integrate those services. 
Cloud Services Aggregators: CSAs, or cloud aggregators, typically offer a portal that allows VARs and MSPs to source multiple third-party cloud services for customers. 
MSPs (Managed Service Providers) with cloud services expertise: MSPs proactively monitor and manage customers’ on-premises and cloud-based systems. 
And VARs (value-added resellers) with cloud services…

Immediate priorities in IT Services and technologies businesses should appropriate.

Indeed, each enterprise is well suited in its customized solution, based on its own requirements and needs. But at, soon #Retinknow, we also consider that, there are a set of  priorities critical when it comes to productivity and the end-to-end competitiveness. 
Comprehensive Enterprise mobility; advanced security solutions; server virtualization; business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR); Data Lose Prevention; Big Data/Analytics; unified communications and Cloud capabilities are henceforth the vital points for each organizations, enterprises and public sector.

The Advanced technological Business Intelligence landscape, the financial industry needs.

Our new digital-based environment which also means data-driven streams is full of opportunities, challenges and threats.
Within this multi-facets landscape based henceforth on our mobility capabilities, financial industry, beyond the security stakes, needs new customer-centric insights that can increase profitability and productivity, drive growth and reduce costs. 
The new IT Convergence is a path forward throughout this momentum. With the new IT Convergence, financial industry, leading banks of all sizes, have unmatched opportunities to focus on maximizing customer information as a way to drive success for their businesses.
Based on these realities, at, soon #Retinknow, we encourage financial industryto focus on , comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools, flexible, scalable, seamless, secure, open and end-to-end financial technology solutions, that can enable them to see their customer data in new ways. 
It is obvious that, when it comes to Big Data/ analyti…