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The most important trends and numbers in B2C E-Commerce delivery, 2015

It is encouraging to observe that, the diversity of culture around the world enriches this industry and that, investments increase to improve services and the quality of products.
According Research andMarkets, through its new report, reveals that competition among online retailers for faster delivery has intensified, while online shoppers still value free delivery over same day delivery offerings can also observe that, the global growth of B2C E-Commerce creates both challenges and opportunities for the delivery sector: free shipping still remains the number one priority for almost two thirds of online shoppers worldwide. In Asia, for example, around half of digital buyers would add items to a cart in order to qualify for the free shipping service and in North America more than half of all online shoppers would choose longer delivery times.
The popularity of alternative delivery methods, such as click and collect is exciting: in Sweden for instance, close to half of…

Combat Visual Hacking with Innovative Integrated Screen Privacy Solution for PCs

Every trick, technology, paradigm, tool and paradigm susceptible to help you improve your security, the security of your sensitive data and digital assets is always welcome at
HP is working with 3M with the goal to stop onlookers from snooping at your screen. encourages this collaboration susceptible to help prevent visual hacking; defined as the act of gathering information or credentials by visual means.

Platform for Testing LTE Unlicensed and Emerging Applications, Including IoT.

The entire communications ecosystem including: cellular, Wi-Fi and emerging is facing a set of complicated challenges and broad requirements that need streamlined approaches to be addressed.
In our digital-drive age there is no place for error. Effective, integrated, comprehensive, flexible, seamless, scalable, secure and productive solutions are required and recommended. Azimuth Systems, Inc., has announced the launch of Spider™, an automated, scalable RF platform that can be used for testing a variety of technologies, such as LTE Unlicensed, 802.11ac, and applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT). salutes this momentum that is built specifically for testing mesh network topologies.