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Connect data from IBM Commerce Solutions to several Email Marketing Service Providers.

As you can observe here, the eCommerce industry generates and attracts lot of funding and investments. The trend is global with all kind of platforms and services.
IBM WebSphere Commerce with its capabilities animates this landscape. Henceforth, its integration with Windsor Circle, online retailers can benefit from: 

·Automated customer retention and product replenishment campaigns to dynamic product recommendation and segmented promotions. 

They can use Windsor Circle for data automation and to collect the data into IBM Marketing Cloud to glean insights on shopping trends; better engage with their customers, build brand loyalty and more.

Unified chip-to-cloud, enterprise-class IoT platform.

We are always at the early stage when it comes to the Internet of Things; but it is also exciting to recall that, beyond daunting challenges, it is progressively easy to embrace the Internet of Things through streamlined platforms.
On this momentum, henceforthIBM IoT Foundation through integration with ARMaims to allow huge quantities of data from devices such as industrial appliances, weather sensors and wearable monitoring devices to be gathered, analyzed and acted upon. Electronics manufacturers could also gather data from individual sensors that can be combined with other data for real-time analysis. encourages this momentum that makes it simple to derive value from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.