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Showing posts from November 26, 2012

video: Ruby Conference 2012: Stakes and Opportunities around Data; User Interface

This video from , will send us on a trip through behavior vs. data, mutation vs. immutability, interface vs. data dependencies, how data shape affords parallelism, and what a system optimizing each of these for natural isolation might look like.

Allows full customization without any scripting via Cycle2: Stakes and Opportunities for Developers

88mph arrives in South Africa via Google Africa: Stakes and Opportunities for Tech entrepreneurs.

Nouvelle vague Escroqueries et Hameçonnages via Programme des Nations Unies(UNDP) : Décryptage et menaces sur les Internautes.

Organiser, Contrôler, Gérer votre fil d'actualité Facebook : Enjeux et Opportunités pour les Membres