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Videogames: Giving gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money

Like social media, Videogames are henceforth at the center of our digital experiences anywhere and anytime. 
Based on this reality, BrightLockeraims to put the ‘fun’ in funding, engaging with users throughout the entire development process, giving gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money.
This new crowdpublishing platform created by a diverse group of video game industry veterans has a goal to redefine the crowdfunding landscape for videogames. 
BrightLocker is platform that allows its community to actually participate in the funding, creation, selection and development of games.

Monitor Availability and Performance of Cloud Applications to Improve User Experience

In our connected world where downtimes are not tolerated and where the user-experience is a game changer, the real-time capabilities to monitor both availability and performance of your critical business applications are at the core of indispensable stakes.
For the need of agility, performance, security, productivity and more, Organizations are moving their services and technologies to the cloud where they need easy access to performance characteristics and control and visibility.
For the informational purpose only, recalls that, LiveUX capabilities on a SaaS platform focuses on: the availability and performance of web-based applications running from internal data centers, in public or private clouds, or delivered by a SaaS provider.
Tests include full HTTP tests, as well as DNS tests for DNS latency, ICMP ping for network latency, and TCP traceroute for hop-by-hop segmentation of performance characteristics.

MongoDB and APM (Application Performance Management)solutions in our digital age

For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, APM (Application Performance Management) tooling allows users to monitor and visualize the performance that the end user is experiencing within the application. It can help isolate performance issues that are compromising end user experience. It allows inter alia: the tracing of application requests through the application code. salutes the new momentum at MongoDB that focuses on two distinct areas of enhancement: integrating Ops Manager and Cloud Manager with APM tooling, and adding better support for tracing calls through our drivers.
Henceforth, a standardised metrics API are available with the purpose to provide an easy hook-in for APM vendors to gather correct, consistent information.
APM vendors can find more information about the command-event specification for each driver on Github.

Critical metrics you need to ensure MongoDB deployment and identify any potential performance bottlenecks

Streamlined monitoring and management of MongoDB deployments are henceforth indispensable in our connected world where data is the most critical asset at each level.
Therefore, for those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, available on-premise or as a cloud-hosted SaaS solution, MongoDB Ops Manager and MongoDB Cloud Managercan give users all the critical metrics that they need to ensure their MongoDB deployment is functioning as expected, and can be used to help identify any potential performance bottlenecks at the database level.
In this dynamic, it is inter alia possible: to configure alerts on key metrics within the Ops Manager and Cloud Manager interfaces.