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The ICONE: an amplified speaker which provides 360° sound for music lovers.

Designed by TRIANGLE and Kevin DEPAPE, The ICONE dispositive includes Wireless technologies, Smartphone, tablet and computers Apps integration to make it more or less the perfect listening companion for music lovers.

Amazon Web Service the SAP Business Suite environment: Stakes and Opportunities

Henceforth, since February 06, 2013 AWS has been certified to host the SAP Business Suiteenvironment in full production mode.
This certification includes the products like:

Mise à jour Majeure dans la Galaxie Twitter : Enjeux sur l’accès aux contenus sur mobile.

La division ou le segment mobile chez Twitter se porte bien et enregistre une forte croissance positive tant dans les usages, la monétisation que dans la présence. C’est donc un gros bébé qu’on doit régulièrement consolider en termes de technologies afin de satisfaire les différentes tendances.
Officiellement donc depuis le 06 février 2013, les

The Tank: gadget for the extreme iPad user and those who are just plain accident prone.

This is a rigid aluminum case from Yanko Design matches the minimal Apple aesthetic and was designed to protect all of the most vulnerable parts of your iPad. The top and bottom shells fit snugly around the exterior while an

EasyPBI 2.0 henceforth available in the FreeBSD ports tree and as a PBI in the AppCafe.

For those who unfamiliar, PC-BSD is a desktop operating system. It aims to offer more or less the stability and security that a BSD-based operating system can bring and also provides a comfortable user experience.
Henceforth we have the ability to check when the last time you updated your system ports tree was,

Google et l’Optimisation des boutiques en ligne : Enjeux, et Opportunités en début février 2013.

Le commerce en ligne, les technologies et les tendances qui les portent sont en pleine croissance positive. Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping tiennent sans doute le peloton en termes de volumes, ventes, et dispositif. Autour de ces big,

The beautiful things to know and promote your company’s metrics: Stakes and Opportunities.

This is a guest post by Amar Zagorica from Helpjuice, makers of awesome knowledge base software. We respond to 93% of our customer support emails  within 5 minutes! Caught your attention, right? That’s one of the beautiful things about knowing  and promoting your company’s metrics, they grab attention and draw customers to you.
One of the best ways to accelerate your support and provide an exceptional customer experience is to understand what your customers want and need from your company. You don’t need to necessarily ask them straight out, tracking metrics gives an

PANDORA: a flexible laptop PC for the next generation.

Designs by Jeabyun Yeon, PANDORA aims to be a flexible laptop PC designed for the next generation.

Measuring only 9mm, it includes: flexible display and its