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Showing posts from February 23, 2015

LTE to transfer heavy data traffic from voice-based 2G and 3G services with ease.

Our appetites for mobility is growing and nothing will be able to restraint it.
From the proliferation of mobile video consumptions, via social media, productive and smart mobile apps to the cloud computing, operators need: secure, reliable, scalable and efficient communication process to meet this demand. is proud to observe that Long-term evolution (LTE) has gained importance because of a set of efficient features, which enable organizations to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to first responders and the communities they serve. 
The latest report by TechNavio emphasizes convergence of public and private LTE networks with land mobile radio (LMR). 
According this report, in the coming years, LTE is expected to provide voice services over an IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) that will transmit voice more effectively than the LMR network.

Navigate and understand the Artificial Intelligence market landscape.

As you can discover in real-time on, cognitive intelligence is henceforth at the core of stakes when it comes to enable businesses and organizations to make sense of the massive amounts of data they accumulate and analyze daily.
A report new from Forrester dives into this ecosystem and can help enterprise architecture professionals to inter alia navigate the AI market landscape, understand how cognitive computing can enhance their business applications, and map how AI technologies may fit (or be retrofitted) in their existing architecture.

Platforms for Building Cognitive Computing Solutions: Realities, stakes and recommendations.

If we are henceforth fascinated by the unmatched unstructured and structured data (text, tweets, digital transactions, blogs, images, and videos) from multiple sources, that rhythm our day, so we are also more and more fascinated about the exciting opportunities generated by this dataset.
We can therefore show appreciation to the ingenuity behind Cognitive technologies or Artificial Intelligence.
Henceforth enterprises and organizations can appreciate theability tointegrate cognitive intelligence into business processes and enterprise applications. Concretely enterprises and organizations can extract critical insights and actionable advice from this massive explosion of data to solve real customer problems, generate new revenue streams and inter alia streamline critical IT operations.
In this market, always recommends standards-based platforms that work inter alia with other platforms including: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM Watson. 
Cognitive Scale which a…