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New version of BigQuery opens new horizons.

The combination of Google Cloud Dataflow , Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google BigQuerypaves henceforth its way when it comes to find actionable business information and insights.
The dynamic around and surrounding these technologies is exciting. Stakes related to performance, agility, costs, productivity, production, flexibility and security are at the core of preoccupations and innovations.

In this momentum, henceforth, with new features such as User-Defined Functions (UDFs) and UI Improvements, BigQuery is billed as simpler and easier to use.

Managed Container Cluster, application management, application infrastructure in our digital age.

Downtime, lack performance, productivity, flexibility and visibility in your critical IT infrastructures, technologies and applications are henceforth not tolerated. Streamlined paradigms, methodologies, technologies and services are available (on to make each experience, a powerful one.
Google Container Enginefollows this momentum making inter alia it easy for you to set up a container cluster and manage your application, without sacrificing infrastructure flexibility.  
For informational purpose, also recalls that, with Container Engine, you can create a managed cluster that’s ready for container deployment, in just a few clicks. 
Application management is eased with a cluster equipped with capabilities, such as logging and container health checking, to give you insight into how your application is running.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure: new OmniStack 3.0 Data Virtualization Platform in our cloud age.

Streamlined assimilation of all IT infrastructure, management and services below the hypervisor, is henceforth indispensable in our cloud-driven age that requires performance, security, flexibility, scalability, backup and DR solutions. For the informational purpose only, salutes the dynamic powering the new OmniStack 3.0Data Virtualization Platform that can help streamline each step when it comes to implement and run Hyperconverged Infrastructure. also recalls that, Data virtualization architecture should be able to improve performance, protection and data efficiency, while also enabling global unified management from a single console.

OpenStack solutions by geographic and across all cloud deployment models: public, private and hybrid.

Organizations of all sizes are more and more demanding when it comes to geography, flexibility, performance, risk lock-in and cost management benefits of cloud solutions with the ease of provisioning and operations. encourages this momentum that brings peace in minds and help streamline our critical digital experiences. 
The increased demand for hybrid cloud solutions built on OpenStack is exciting and OpenStack is henceforth de facto the standard when it comes to cloud; thanks to Open source paradigm that provides greater transparency, choice, flexibility and a rapid innovation cycle of new features and capabilities. 
Cloudsoft, an open source application management company, paves its way and will operate its Application Management Platform (AMP) via Blue Box Cloud.
Blue Box, an IBM Company, can deliver Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) worldwide; available in both hosted and on-premise versions.
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