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Global Gesture Recognition Market for Tablets

The market is primary animated by vendor landscape,key vendors, major drivers, challenges, key trends emerging and low value addition. It is also obvious that, the market progresses and the technology matures.
Then, one can observe that, manufacturers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, Microchip, and Texas Instruments have launched processors that have gesture recognition technology incorporated into them. 
Processor units with gesture recognition capability are always the most basic requirement for any vendors to integrate gesture recognition into their products. 
According to Research andMarkets, the low value addition had a very high impact in 2014 and was the major reason why the global gesture recognition market for tablets did not perform well.
Its recent report forecasts the global gesture recognition market for tablets to grow at a CAGR of 213.1% during 2014-2019.

Mobile Web and App Testing Integrations with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online

Ensure quality in every build is critical in our connected world where downtimes are not tolerated. Processes for building and testing native, mobile web and responsive web apps have to implement this reality. 
The Cloud provides henceforth the agility developers and enterprises need at each level for streamlined end-to-end experiences.
On this momentum, new integrations combine Perfecto’s Continuous QualityLab™ and Microsoft’s developer tools for automated mobile web and app testing in the cloud. salutes this initiative that supports both manual and automated app testing from within any browser and can allow tests to be embedded in the development process.

Open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform to manage your CD workflows on Google Cloud Platform

Your real-time ability to move quickly in response to market needs and customer demands is henceforth indispensable in our connected world. Netflix announced Spinnaker, an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. salutes this momentum that can help you to manage easily your CD workflows on Google Cloud Platform.

For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, Continuous delivery (CD) integrates software build, test and release processes, with the purpose to helping organizations to move quickly in response to market needs and customer demands. With Spinnaker you can define your own CD workflows by linking together a series of steps into pipelines that can be triggered manually or automatically.

Business Analytics solutions and technologies beyond a set of critical traditional bottlenecks

For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, Desktop solutions generally offer agile visual analytics but are limited to user-managed or departmental data; in fact, traditional BI solutions offer scalable performance on IT-managed data, but can compromise agile self-service ,on the go and time-to-value. Henceforth, modern platforms aim to democratize and streamline end-to-end experiences and to empower people with actionable visual analytics, self-service, user experience, optimized in-memory processing, simplified administration, curated dashboards and analysis across personal, departmental and enterprise data.

Digital Transformation through Agile, streamlined, self-service Visual Analytics

When it comes to analytics solutions, it is henceforth indispensable in the cloud and on-premises; to make it simpler for users to adopt the environment of their choice and scale as their needs evolve.
Visual Simplicity, Business Agility, flexibility, Scalable Performance, self-service, user experience, simplified administration, curated dashboards and optimized in-memory processing are key factors at the core of stakes. recalls for the informational purpose that, the general availability of Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (BI 12c), designed with the goal to deliver an entirely new experience for blending and visually analyzing any data in an enterprise-scale analytics platform, can allow people across the organization to leverage a single integrated platform for self-service, visual data discovery and find answers to business questions while in the office or on the go.