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Henceforth with the XenDesktop Connector, you can easily deploy applications in a Citrix environment.

With this release Citrix dramatically improves its offer by answering to the following question: ‘’ how can I use my existing ConfigMgr infrastructure, packaged apps and processes to easily deploy applications in a Citrix environment?” Henceforth the XenDesktop Connector is available. It enables you to: ·use ConfigMgr to deploy applications to a XenDesktop Server OS farm from within ConfigMgr, ·It ensures that if you are using either PVS or MCS for provisioning, that clones do not get caught in install/reboot hell and that the Master VM for your PVS or MCS catalog gets correctly updated. ·Once your app is deployed ConfigMgr can then be used to publish the application in Citrix StoreFront. In fact this release means that, you use Configuration Manager as a central application

MTN XtraTime generates encouraging results in Swaziland: stakes and opportunities.

Available in 7 markets where MTN operates, this service for those who unfamiliar, allows prepaid customers to get an advance on airtime when their limit is exhausted. In Swaziland the service is a collaboration between MTN Swaziland and its

According to HP Research, Nine out of 10 Mobile Applications are Vulnerable to Attack.

The cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and dangerous en terms of technologies, tactics, data and the kind of groups or people involved. This also means that, ‘as computing becomes borderless; adversaries are increasingly bypassing perimeter security with ease and taking advantage of vulnerabilities brought on by the growing number of applications and entry points’. This study captured by Connectikpeople shows that: ·Mobile applications represent a real security threat, with vulnerabilities affecting nine out of 10 mobile applications published by a representative sample of companies on the Forbes Global 2000, ·97 percent of the mobile applications tested accessed at least one private

Connectikpeople explose au Canada et enregistre un record de1500 pages lues en 5 minutes.

C’est sans doute l’une des meilleures percées de Connectikpeople en Amérique du nord après les USA. Connectikpeople vient d’enregistrer en 5 minutes pour un samedi 369 professionnels qui ce sont connectés sur Connectikpeople à partir du Canada et ont lues l’équivalent de 1500 articles et trends. Ce qui consolide notre montée en puissance dans ce pays

Observe a new generation of converged infrastructures, Bull BNEX, based on a set of servers.

Here we talk about agility, scalability and seamless integration for the new converged infrastructures. Based on theincreasing reality that,in the infrastructure domain, IT organizations today face three challenges: quickly and accurately respond to business line requests, manage exponential growth of data and flows, optimize the use of resources and investment in a context of limited budgets, according to Bull, converged infrastructures increasingly appear as the solution to the puzzle of these conflicting requirements. Therefore Bull today brings a new converged infrastructure solution, Bull BNEX, based on Bull a set of servers and NetApp storage arrays. This means, the Bull BNEX converged infrastructures meet several use cases: rapid and optimized creation of a private cloud, desktops virtualization, and application

Voici comment et pourquoi HP invite les entreprises à repenser leur stratégie de sécurité.

Les menaces liées à la cybercriminalité sont de plus en plus organisées et sophistiquées. Les informations, des données et techniques pointues circulent facilement entre les groupes d’hackers et des d’individus isolés. Certaines études montrent d’ailleurs qu’environ 92 % des entreprises figurant au palmarès Forbes Global 2000 dénonçant des atteintes à la sécurité de leurs données au cours des 12 derniers mois ; en outre le marché noir de la cybercriminalité au plan mondial aurait atteint 104 milliards de dollars par an. Vous comprenez donc qu’il s’agit d’une vrai industrie très organisée et solide. Les entreprises et organisations sont de plus vulnérables avec l’adoption (BYOD : Bring Your Own Device), c'est-à-dire chaque employé peut utiliser ses propres outils informatiques et électroniques pour un usage professionnel. Face à ce bouillonnement, HP propose une approche basée sur la prévention et à la détection des menaces en temps réel, depuis la couche applicative

Ce que vaut Mozilla, le tenancier de votre navigateur Firefox si Google, le lâche.

Le navigateur Firefox lancé en 2002, après une longue période faste depuis 2004 dans presque tous les pays, est désormais en phase de décroissance face à la montée en puissance de Google Chrome. Firefox se satisfait progressivement d’une deuxième place en termes d’utilisateurs dans le monde. En revanche la fondation Mozilla voit ses revenus annuels en hausse de 90% sur 2012. Une croissance fragile puisque animée par son concurrent direct Google. On peut ainsi observer que le chiffre d'affaires de Mozilla progresse d'années en années : +33% sur l'exercice de 2011 de 123 millions de dollars à 163,5 millions de

Anti-terrorist protection: Bull enters to the Middle East market with its Shadow range of intelligent signal jamming devices to counter RCIEDs.

We talk about technologies andtwo major contracts in the Middle East. Led by Bull Shadow range of intelligent signal jammers, designed for anti-terrorist protection, this solution aims to modernize and reinforce local armed forces. For those who unfamiliar, the Shadow system for neutralizing radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) is based on Bull's intelligent reactive signal

Renewable energy: here is how and why IBM and Bharat Light and Power (BLP) collaborate.

In this collaboration, we talk about power generation capacity. This means, Bharat Light and Power (BLP), one of the leading renewable energy producers in India, will use IBM’s SoftLayer cloud capabilities, built on open standards, as well as IBM analytics and mobile solutions, with the goal to increase its power generation capacity. Henceforth, IBM will work with BLP to help the company manage, and effectively use the vast amount of data generated by the power generation sources. The expectations here are to see energy producers better manage their resources, take necessary precautionary measures, and improve overall productivity. IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure as a service will centrally monitor and manage BLP’s existing and future

Dell announced plans for global expansion of the Center for Entrepreneurs: stakes and opportunities.