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Showing posts from October 10, 2013

Survey Highlights Business Value of Modern Marketing Techniques and Factors Driving Increased Adoption.

Connectikpeople has received this survey today, where progressively , it appears that, Small-to-medium (SMB) size companies are faced with a complex set of marketing challenges as they look to drive the best customer experience, understand and engage their audiences, accelerate sales cycles, and deliver the fastest time to revenue. Therefore, to understand how SMBs are addressing these challenges and implementing modern marketing techniques, Oracle Eloqua partnered with BtoB magazine to survey

Dear Professionals, Fitbit Force fitness watch officially announced, priced at $130: stakes around sleep, calories burned and more.

At Connectikpeople, we know how it is important and how much, you are very attached to your health and career. Therefore, we are very excited to announce you that, Fitbit Force fitness watch officially announced, priced at $130. It is a lightweight fitness tracker that can deliver both the time and incoming call

Tech Enthusiasts, LG's just announced The LG G Pro Lite with a 5.5-inch qHD display,

A few hours ago now, LG announced a budget- phablet which is mid-range device intended to customers that want a phablet but doesn't want to burn a hole in their

Startup Calendar captured by Connectikpeople from October 19 to October 29, 2013.

For our Followers in New York, October 29, 2013 NY Entrepreneurs Business Network brings together entrepreneurs, founders, investors and thinkers from New York's startup community. Connectikpeople may recall that, NYEBN is here to connect, educate and inspire! This month's featured speaker is Jerry Colonna, a VC and life coach. The

Enphase has partnered with Beacon Power Services to provide a clean and reliable energy alternative in Abuja, Nigeria.

Due to the lack of the good quality of infrastructures, anticipative politics, and efficient technologies, in a vast city like Abuja, Nigeria, the access to a pure water and electricity remains a huge problem. The habitants and authorities are aware of that, and progressively try to tackle the issue by combining a set of approaches. Today, Connectikpeople has received a note wherein Enphase has partnered with BeaconPower Services to provide a clean and reliable

As from now, Google Street View lets you learn more how they turn Photos into Street View.

Today, Connectikpeople has received this glimpse into what the team is doing to bring Street View to you.
We have discovered that, first off the team needs to actually drive around and photograph the locations to show in Street View. They pay close attention to many

Dear professionals, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released a bug-fix update to all current versions of the PostgreSQL database system.

Connectikpeople has received now, a bug-fix update to all current versions of the PostgreSQL database system including versions 9.3.1, 9.2.5, 9.1.10, 9.0.14, and 8.4.18. This release fixes many minor issues reported the PostgreSQL community over the last six months. Therefore, Connectikpeope recommends all users to update their PostgreSQL installations at the next regular

Dear professionals and Tech enthusiasts, have you ever Heard about The Samsung Galaxy J?

This phone is available in Japan trying to harness the Japanese trends in terms of apparels, culture and choices. It available in Coral Pink, Satin White, and Lapis Blue and brings in terms of specs:  5" Super AMOLED Full HD display ;  137mm x 70mm

Today, Toshiba announced Industry's ‘’First’’ HDMI(R) to MIPI(R) DSI Converter IC.

Billed as the industry’s first High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) to MIPI® Display Serial Interface (DSI) bridge IC for consumer and industrial applications that use small form-factor LCD displays, Connectikpeople has observed that, the “TC358779XBG” converts HDMI® video input and outputs it as a MIPI® DSI video stream output.
According to Toshiba, this will promote adoption of MIPI®-compliant small

Social TV : ce que vaut Facebook en octobre 2013, et quelles stratégies et réalités pour cet écosystème ?

La logique du multi-écrans veut que lorsqu’on a à sa disposition plusieurs écrans connectés notamment : le smartphone, la Tablette, et son Téléviseur, on doit faire le choix pendant la journée et le soir. En effet, si on se rend chaque jour à son lieu de service ou au campus, certainement le Smartphone est notre priorité lors de ce transit domicile-bureau-bureau-domicile. On l’utilisera pour s’informer, communiquer, écouter la musique, payer ou réserver son ticket, ou prendre un

Here is the Next-Generation Benchtop NMR Spectrometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

For more scientists, especially in academic, industrial or R&D laboratories, NMR analysis is progressively more accessible. This means, Academic and industrial laboratories can now more or less easily collect routine high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data on molecules in solution using the Thermo

Dear Professionals, IBM has bolstered its Cloud Portfolio: stakes and opportunities for you.

Progressively, the Cloud Computing ecosystem becomes a transformational engine that is driving growth for providers and customers. According to Gartner Research, 60 percent of all enterprises are predicted to adopt some form of cloud computing this year. GigaOm Research, forecast $158 billion in global cloud computing investment by 2014.  Based on these realities and due to the IBM strong position in this market, this company more and more expands and consolidates its portfolio which includes about

New Foursquare app for iPhone brings real-time recommendations and more

The new update also included a couple of new tweaks. The real-time recommendations feature will be activated for a small number of iPhone users at first and it will tell you the special available at a certain place or what's good at that location. In addition, there’s a new 'nearby' button, this means, Tap it to see

IBM patent: very soon, when you hit ‘send’ and wish you hadn't, don't panic.

Many among us have already regretted to having sent clumsily a message, very soon IBM innovation will let you revise your email and recipients before it’s read . Here is the patent description: ‘’A method of rescinding previously transmitted e-mail messages are provided. After a sender composes an e-mail message, the message may be stored on a computing system when it is sent to the recipients. As customary, the