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Google Compute Engine with DevOps team in our digital age.

Values related to productivity, flexibility, agility, performance, stability, scalability, cost-effective, security and resiliency are henceforth a game changer for modern organizations aware of their development.
At Google Compute Engine, observes that, DevOps team can leverage tools and features such as Managed Instance Groups, Autoscaling, and worldwide coverage,per-minute billing andsustained-use discounts, to streamline each of their critical experiences. Feel free to submit your technology or app for a global fit and hit.

Deep learning and AI on images to extract information.

It is more and more exciting to see that, open source technologies and paradigms boost innovation and help established companies and developers to focus on code; not worry about managing infrastructure. Henceforth, as a developer, you can focus on writing software and not on managing a huge cluster of computers.

So, recalls that, Descartes Labs, who is performing deep learning and AI on images to extract information, requires a massive amount of compute power in large batches.   ‘’The Google Cloud Platform for Startups program helped us get early access to Preemptible VMs which enabled us to spin up a supercomputer in the cloud for about 16 hours and processed a petabyte of satellite data for a fraction of the cost of normal cloud computing pricing’’; said Tim Kelton, Co-founder and Cloud Architect at Descartes Labs. Feel free to submit your technology or app for a global fit and hit.

Mobile A/B testing, analytics & push notification platform in our mobile-driven age.

Henceforth, streamlined mobile experience requires also open access to raw mobile data. Company like Taplyticsis working to empower companies creating mobile apps to optimize their apps and push notifications quickly and easily. salutes this momentum that relies on Taplytics BigQuery, with the goal to help companies understand how people are using their mobile apps, and improve how they target and engage them. Aaron Glazer, the CEO at Taplytics saw Google Cloud Platform for Startups as a program to help them scale.
Feel free to submityour technology or app for a global fit and hit.