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Startup fundings: Espresso Logic, Jut, Project Frog, Building Robotics, Loop Commerce have raised + $50 million.

Espresso Logic(Santa Clara-based reactive database backend service ), has raised $1.6 million in a seed funding round led by Inventus Capital Partners with participation from angels including Raju Reddy, Lee Nackman, Anurag Jain, and Gokul Rajaram. Espresso Logic's backend as a service connects web and mobile applications to external databases including MySQL, Oracle Server and Microsoft SQL Server, seeking to close the gap between database administrators and developers. The $1.6 million will be

Thuraya SatSleeve et Thuraya IP +, une connectivité fiable au-delà de la couverture des réseaux terrestres traditionnels en Afrique.

Thuraya continue d’étoffer ses offres mobiles par satellite en Afrique. Cet après-midi, la compagnie a annoncé Thuraya SatSleeve, un appareil polyvalent et pratique apportant une connectivité par satellite pour les téléphones portables Apple et iPhone est désormais disponible en Afrique. La société a également annoncé la disponibilité de Thuraya IP +, le dernier ajout à sa gamme de terminaux mobiles par satellite à large

CARTES Secure Connexions Event 2013:“The Science behind the Credential: Real-World Lessons from Secure ID Experts”

Here, we talk about secure ID and card personalization solutions. This means Datacard Group,will be hosting a secure ID and credential workshop at CARTES Paris 2013, Thursday,Nov. 21st at 10:00 a.m. in the exhibit hall. Connectikpeople can observe that, the hour-long session will feature a panel of experts from CryptoVision, 3M, NXP Semiconductors and Datacard Group that will bring diverse perspectives and insights regarding security,

‘Drivers can now bring 4G LTE internet connection into the vehicle and broadcast it over Wi-Fi to nearby smart devices’.

The announcement comes from Delphi Automotive. Henceforth, this company brings Delphi Connectwith 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. Billed as a premium version of its cloud-based automotive connectivity system with Verizon Wireless, Connectikpeople has observed that, this car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity service provides many features that offer consumers even more ways to extend the smart technology they use

IBM inventors have patented a technique that enables cloud computing data center operators.

The stake here is to dynamically redistribute workloads to lower-powered or underutilized systems, minimize the environmental footprint and impact of cloud services.  If it is true that, Business and government demand for cloud-based IT infrastructure services is growing rapidly, this is also real that the recent scandal of PRISM, revealed by Edward Snowden has generated a lot of reticence and doubt, for this kind of

Global SMB IT Spending Market to 2016: The major challenge is the cost involved in buying and implementing IT systems.

In this report captured by Connectikpeople, we can observe that the Global Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) IT spending market has many growth drivers; ‘one of which is the increased usage of mobile devices by employees in workplaces’. Based on this reality, Research and Markets stated: ‘’Mobility is one area where we expect to see a lot of traction. Mobile devices, applications, and services are dramatically reshaping SMBs' business strategies, revenue models, and how employees interact with partners, customers, and

Discover how Cisco TelePresence® platform enables representatives of the public administration of Canarias.

Here, we talk about virtual "face to face" meetings and Connectikpeople hopes that, this project could inspire others organizations. In fact, the Government of Canarias has commissioned telepresence service based on the Cisco TelePresence® platform. Billed as the pioneering project in Spain that enables representatives of the public administration of Canarias to hold virtual "face to face" meetings without having to travel between the islands, helping to save travel costs and speed up their decision-making, Connectikpeople has also observed that, the key points of this initiative

Formation en management de projets nucléaires : ce que vaut AREVA en Novembre 2013.

En ce qui concerne les métiers de la formation et de la gestion de projet, AREVA s’est bien entouré et progressivement via son Université tient à consolider son leadership dans le monde. Malgré les mauvais vents de Fukushima, le nucléaire civil n’est pas en crise ; la quatrième génération des centrales nucléaires devrait

Here is how IBM PureSystems Uses University of Concepcion.

Here, we talk about web domains of the university, the development of future applications, computing capacity and more digital. In fact, University of Concepcion has installed IBM PureSystems to modernize its IT infrastructure and increase the availability and storage of its e-mail accounts for students and teachers. The new systems will also bring the expanded storage capacity and processing ability, helping to deliver a stable,

Enterprise Application modernization: EBS launched EBS ISMapper Enterprise Architecture Suite software: stakes and opportunities.

Here we talk about clear line-of-sight into existing legacy systems and the business process. In fact, European Business Solutions (EBS), the global leader in Enterprise Application modernization, has launched EBSISMapper© Enterprise Architecture Suite software with the goal to help companies

‘Accelerometers, gyroscopes, NFC, and gesture recognition are predicted to be the big winners in mobile devices’.

Progressively, mobiles devices are fulfilled by all kind of sensors: Accelerometers, gyroscopes, NFC, gesture recognition and more. The goal here is to improve our lives and our existence. This week, Connectikpeople has captured a recent study by market intelligence firm ABI Research which shows off that, Accelerometers, gyroscopes, NFC, and gesture recognition technologies are projected to

Marché des promotions en ligne : ce que fait Groupon, un acteur incontournable.

Comme le segment comparateur de prix, les promotions sur internet est une activité qui se porte bien lorsqu’on s’appelle Groupon, car ici la notoriété est plus qu’essentielle. Groupon tire donc son épingle du jeu et ce ne sont pas les ambitions qui manquent, qu’il s’agisse du marché nord Américain ou à l’international. Dans cette dynamique, Connectikpeople a capturé la semaine dernière, une nouvelle tangente de Groupon, qui se matérialise par un accord définitif avec LivingSocial en vue de la vente à Groupon de sa société basée en Corée, Ticket Monster (TMON), pour