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Global 3D Printing Market: Key Vendors, trends, challenges and key drivers.

As an emerging technology, always at the early stage of its development and adoption, the 3D printing, gathers and converges a set of challenges, infatuation and facilitations. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, 3D printing, also known as AM, is a process of making 3D objects using plastic, metal, and composite materials, usually layer upon layer, to build physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components, and production parts. 
A 3D printer creates 3D objects of any shape without any molding, assembly, or use of machines. It helps in making high-end goods at a reduced cost. In the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, the use of 3D printing enables manufacturers to make complex parts with high efficiency. 
Researchers are finding ways to use this technology and make prosthetic parts using biological materials such as cartilage, bone, and skin. 3D printing is an evolving technology that serves various sectors such as Automotive, Healthcare, and Aerospace, and…

Video Surveillance in our disruptive-driven world: trends, figures, actors and technologies.

Thanks to the emerging technologies such as cloud, computer vision and Big data/Analytics, the video surveillance industry is a real security instrument nowadays, combining inter alia: flexibility, analytic, real-time effect, and predictions.
From analog based surveillance systems, to cloud IP based surveillance systems, the need for intelligent security systems increases to face terrorist strikes, dwelling infrastructure, rising criminal activities and more. 
Remote monitoring, analytic features and continuous monitoring are henceforth well appreciated across industry verticals, namely, government & transportation, banking & financial, retail, commercial, industrial and residential.
According toResearch and Markets Asia-Pacific region is one of the key growing regions in global video surveillance systems market. Growing adoption of IP based surveillance system in government projects, transportation sector, and increasing IT spending have led for the growth of this region.

Model, store and query both data and its relationships in our data-driven world.

The real-time ability to unlock business value from data relationships is henceforth vital for organizations and enterprises pursuing data-driven operations and decisions.
We live in a data-driven society where data are generated anywhere and in real-time. Therefore, businesses and organizations need intuitive, secure, flexible, scalable and cost-efficient technologies to leverage data relationships in real time.
Graph databases appear henceforth as the best way to model, store and query both data and its relationships. In fact, any application where the value comes from insights based on data relationships will need a graph database.
Unlock inter alia, business value from data relationships in mission-critical applications that include real-time pricing; online product and service recommendations; fraud detection; graph-based search; Internet of Things (IoT); websites adding social capabilities; telcos diagnosing network issues; enterprises reimagining master data, identity, and access …

Cloud Communication Platform Vs contact center: key trends, technologies, and key actors.

The greater flexibility, scalability, and agility provided by the cloud computing is at the core of an exceptional changes and innovations within classic processes. The contact center industry moves toward the cloud to appropriate greater flexibility, scalability, and business agility for contact centers, while saving significant costs over the long term. The cloud communication platform market is occupied by vendors offering solutions and services ranging from the traditional PBX to the growing VoIP and unified communication and collaboration solutions. can observe that, Organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting cloud communication platform solutions. There are lots of small vendors who are using their technical expertise in developing applications and deploying those applications on the cloud platform which a user can access with a greater flexibility.
According to Research and Markets, Communication solutions deployed on the cloud is helping businesses to…

Affordable Care Act Phishing Campaign and University Employee Payroll Scam.

Image is aware of a phishing campaign purporting to come from a U.S. Federal Government Agency. The phishing emails reference the Affordable Care Act in the subject and claim to direct users to health coverage information, but instead direct them to sites which attempt to elicit private information or install malicious code. encourages users to take the following measures to protect themselves: Do not follow links or download attachments in unsolicited email messages.Maintain up-to-date antivirus software.Refer to the Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks Security Tip for additional information on social engineering attacks.If affected by the campaign, users should report the incident to appropriate parties within their organization and notify US-CERT.
In the same line, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert addressing a spear phishing scam targeting university employees and their payroll accounts. Scam oper…

Global Satellite-based Earth Observation Services: key vendors and trends.

The most exciting within this market, is the democratization of the access to Satellite technologies. Indeed, beyond a set of challenges related to procurement of advanced space technologies, skills and high-quality equipment, henceforth, new players like PocketQube, helps you build a low cost Satellite, anytime and anywhere. When it comes to Satellite-based earth observation, talks about a process by which information is gathered from satellites relating to the earth's physical, chemical, and biological composition using remote sensing technologies. 
Applications are exhaustive: the information gathered through satellites can be effectively used to monitor and predict weather changes, disasters and natural calamities, climate patterns, agriculture forecasts, oil and mineral deposits, and the availability of water sources. Earth observation information can also help manage the planet's natural resources in an effective manner. 
Within this industry, one can ob…