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A mobile enterprise platform, a brand marketing startup and fantasy sports games for cash prizes.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business.
Dynamic Signal,( Founded in 2010, a brand marketing startup based in San Bruno, CA), has raised a $12 million Series C round led by Rembrandt Venture Partners with participation from previous backers Venrock, Trinity Ventures, Time Warner Ventures and Cox Enterprises., soon #Retinknow® recalls that, Dynamic Signal helps brands leverage the voice of employees and customers, encouraging employees to promote and share company news via social media.  Dynamic Signal has raised $33 million to date and will use the latest cash to build out its technology and acquire PaperShare, a real-time demand generation platform.
Appcelerator,( Founded in 2006 in Mountain View, CA, a mobile enterprise platform), has raised $22 million in Series D fundi…

Applications Android et vulnérabilités aux attaques Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) et SSL : solutions, réalités et enjeux.

Quelles soient gratuites ou pas, peu d’applications mobile disponibles sur les différents App Stores sont rigoureuses en matière de sécurité. Malheureusement, peu de développeurs font de la sécurité de leurs applications une priorité absolue.

Dans un environnement progressivement entièrement mobile, où la nouvelle convergence IT est le point de rencontre en termes de services, technologies, contenus et d’attaques ; le chiffrement des données, les bonnes pratiques et méthodologies de développement sont cruciales., bientôt #Retinknow® a créé DevCorner pour aider les développeurs et professionnel IT à s’approprier les bonnes pratiques, technologies et méthodologies.
Les failles SSL et les attaques type Man-in-the-Middle (MITM), sont de plus en légion et sophistiquées et, bientôt #Retinknow® est choqué de constater qu’ une étude sur les applications du Google Play Store a conclu que la majorité des applications les plus populaires présentaient des faill…

Cloud-based disaster recovery service: advices and solutions.

Interrupted service or a downtime period means: money-loosed; unhappy users or a chipped reputation. Anyway, this is an uncomfortable and delicate situation in our highly competitive world where the new IT Convergence is the meet-point.
Henceforth, with the powerful capabilities and features of the cloud computing technologies, organizations, companies, public sectors can ensure in real-time and anywhere their business continuity, reduce costs, complexity and compliance risk.
When it comes to this kind of services,,  recommends a comprehensive recovery,data back-up and testing (complete disaster recovery service) solution that meets your evolving needs. It should be flexible, scalable, seamless, encrypted and agile solution.
Within this industry, CommVault Simpana software, a cloud-based data vaulting solution, paves its way by helping inter alia, companies manage and maximize the value of business information amidst a rising tide of data and compliance requirements. C…

Virtual Storage Machines (VSMs) and storage performance higher or lower on demand: recommendations and actors.

When it comes to Virtual Storage Machines (VSMs), the performance of the appliance and the affordability of the technology or service are the guarantee., soon #Retinknow®, recommends a complete self-managed storage solution with the speed, flexibility, agility and reliability needed for mixed-use and read-intensive application workloads. In our highly competitive world, it is vital for enterprises to: save energy, floor space and money for focusing on crucial investments. This means, systems that provide flexible, secure, scalable, seamless, agile, reliable, and efficient platforms are always welcome. At CloudByte, a provider of secure, multi-application storage for Enterprise applications, they focus on the CloudByte ElastiStor Appliance (ESA), a self-managed storage solution. The goal with this offer is to bring to any size organization, affordable and relevant storage approaches., soon #Retinknow®, encourages its new partnership with Netweb and In…

A bridge to the cloud for traditional enterprise business applications: recommendations, Google and Citrix.

Beyond the traditional capabilities, services and technologies; one of the most encouraging trends within the cloud computing universe is also the ability to harness in real-time the cloud computing capabilities of the new devices.
The best end user experience is the key: flexible, quick, affordable, scalable, seamless, comprehensive and easy encrypted access to the applications and tools you need, when it comes to virtualization and the cloud computing are always recommend by, salutes the new momentum of the Citrix relationship with Google.
Henceforth, a new Citrix Receiver for Chrome, the receiver for Chrome aims to provide direct integration to functionality specific to Chromebooks: integrate with Google Cloud Print, audio and video playback, assignment of a Receiver ID to each device for monitoring, Clipboard integration across remote and local applications, end user experience monitoring with HDX Insight and direct SSL connections.
It is also e…