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Showing posts from October 30, 2012

Google Search App: Stakes and Opportunities on new Features , also for Google Now

Windows 8 security overview: Threats and Stakes

Since October 26, 2012, Windows 8 is widely available for potentials users around the world. Beyond the radical changes to the user interface, the next question is around the security.
Naked Security from Sophos aims to bring a response to this matter. Therefore according to the security editor, ‘’the most obvious, and controversial, change in Windows 8 security is the new Secure Boot system. New PCs that ship with Windows 8 will be required to use a UEFI BIOS, which is the first component required for securely booting Windows.’’ ‘’Microsoft has made minor improvements to the ASLR and DEP technologies used to defend Windows and its applications against buffer overflow and other vulnerabilities. SmartScreen filtering has been extended to the basic operating system after having proven itself useful in Internet Explorer 9.’’ The UEFI BIOS begins the loading of the operating system and ensures all of the components are signed with a digital certificate belonging to Microsoft. This should go a…

Revente tours de transmission MTN Cameroun, Nigeria et Côte d’ivoire : Enjeux et Défis en octobre 2012.

Débat Terra Nova autour du rapport sur le Numérique en France : Enjeux et Opportunités pour la croissance.

Réseau social EverySignal: Découvrir et partager les évènements les plus importants de vos amis sur Facebook,Twitter,Google+…

New Pandora 4.0 for iPhone and Android: Stakes and Opportunities for users