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Showing posts from May 18, 2013

Rachat de Webedia par Fimalac : comprendre les Enjeux.

L’information et le divertissement sont l’une des principales raisons qui poussent les gens à consulter internet. Pour la grande majorité, on y va pour se divertir ou pour s’informer d’une manière ou d’une

Sparki: Drag-and-Drop programming, electronics, and robotics for all ages (11+).

Nowadays, many people (all ages) want to learn programming. But due to the lack of affordable, dynamic tools, cheap, difficult to use, … they fail to realize their dreams. However there are no reasons to abandon, because the crowd funding platform like

A quick look at some of the announcements Google has made at I/O 2013.

Several announcements have been made during I/O 2013, with the principal goal to improve and facilitate your web experience in search, communications, photos, and maps.Therefore regarding Android & Google Play, we have new developer tools, Google

Yahoo !: Et si Marissa Mayer fut recrutée pour copier Google.

La question est ouverte etest de plus en plus d’actualité. En effet depuis l’arrivée de Marissa Mayer à la tête de Yahoo en provenance de Google, Yahoo va de rachat en rachat pour étendre

Scientists have produced the largest flexible, plastic solar cells in Australia.

If it is well known that invest in solar panel remain too expensive for the small budgets, henceforth via this achievement, things might change.In fact, Researchers from the Victorian Organic Solar Cell

Angry Birds Seasons updated in version 3.3.0

Interested by Halloween, Chinese New Year, this new update aims to offer you more challenging levels of pig-popping action and

Google Glass : Evernote s’implique, les autorités américaines s’interrogent et les développeurs s’activent.

Comme tout nouveau projet innovant, Google Glass suscite crainte et curiosité. D’un côté vous avez ceux qui pensent que Glass est une menace pour leur santé (les yeux et cerveau), leur intimité et de l’autre côté, nous avons ceux qui imaginent Google Glass améliorer leur business ou alors trouvent Google Glass comme un

New Skype 6.4 for Mac available and brings Easier to Use Instant Messaging.

All the recent updates involving Skype, show that, Microsoft is determined to make Skype essential as from your mobile or PC. But the WebRTC gathers increasingly of wonders via your browser.With this release, Skype Staff has focused on ease of use of Skype