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Showing posts from November 5, 2013

Beware; Microsoft has released a Security Advisory regarding a vulnerability in the Microsoft Graphics component.

Connectikpeople has observed that, this vulnerability affects Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Lync. According to Microsoft, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability by convincing a user to preview or open a specially crafted email message, open a specially crafted file, or browse

Here is why and how Amazon Web Services has Deployed NVIDIA GRID GPUs: stakes and opportunities.

Here, we talk about GPU acceleration to users running graphics-intensive applications and games in the cloud. In this dynamic, NVIDIA GRID technology is now available from Amazon Web Services (AWS) through its newly announced Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) G2 instance, delivering GPU acceleration to users running graphics-

Surveillance des applications informatiques sur le marché Français : ce que vaut Level5.

Avec la surveillance des applications, généralement la plus grande crainte des DSI (direction système d’information) est le taux de ralentissement. En Effet, il arrive souvent que les sondes installées sur les serveurs d’application entrainent le ralentissement des applications. Chez Level5, on revendique un taux de

Here is how IBM helps Emory University Hospital to create advanced, predictive medical care for critical patients.

First, Connectikpeople may recall that, Emory is testing a new system that can identify patterns in physiological data and instantly alert clinicians to danger signs in patients. Henceforth Emory University Hospital is using software from IBM and Excel Medical Electronics (EME) for a pioneering research project to create advanced, predictive medical care for critical patients through real-time streaming

Polyjet 3D Printers: Stratasys Ltd debuted the second generation of its Digital ABS material, named Digital ABS2.

Retinknow has observed that, the new material is designed to enable users to produce thin-walled models with high dimensional stability. It is now available in ivory in addition to the existing green color. Henceforth the enhanced software aims to increase the material’s rigidity, durability and functionality of thin wall elements. This is aimed at improving form, fit, and

Amazon announced Analytics and A/B Testing services.

Amazon continues to seduce developers, this time; a free SDK is in the thick of this new announcement. Henceforth, mobile developers can easily track user engagement metrics or test different in-app experiences across iOS, Android, and Fire OS, giving developers the

Google Helpouts is there; please look this approach as a professional.

On Youtube everyone knows and talks about Marques Brownlee, the famous Tech reviewer who helps million of people around the world with its exceptional videos. Henceforth, Google  provides Helpouts , billed as a new way to get and give help over

Telemedicine in Pediatric Care: here is how Cisco develops its know-how in Brazil.

Here, we talk about a pilot project developed with the Federal University of Sergipe (UFS) that will shorten distances and expedite service to patients. This means, Cisco technology will be used in the care of children in Brazil´s northeastern region, in the towns of Lagarto and Tobias Barreto, connecting local clinics to hospitals and specialists from the capital of the state and the Federal

Dear professionals, IBM expands its Big Data Portfolio with New Predictive Intelligence Software.

Henceforth, with this announcement, IBM marks its advance, in a variety of new offerings that leverage cognitive computing and predictive analytics technologies. The goal here is: ·To help companies more easily predict and respond to opportunities and challenges hidden in data, ·Harness massive amounts of data with new high speed analytics software by expanding IBM's BLU Acceleration portfolio. Connectikpeople has observed that, the new software will enable clients to apply foundational elements of cognitive intelligence throughout their information