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Manage Applications across Hybrid Cloud Networks in our ever-connected era

At the core of stakes, we have:availability of high-demand;valuable insight, up-to-date visibility of infrastructure and service performance; we have the ability to efficiently manage applications and services across a hybrid cloud environment. Also at the core of stakes, a visual map of the underlying infrastructure across a company’s hybrid cloud network; avoid customer service disruption.
Ready-to-use solutions should also be able to help companies prevent and more quickly resolve problems by providing context about the resources that underpin a hybrid cloud network. Provide real-time insights about the infrastructure supporting the new service, such as response time of specific servers and capacity of storage, letting the company know if these assets are meeting customer needs.
It is about giving valuable new insights about what is going on in the network and how it is impacting service quality and customers in real time. Present a configurable topology view that shows the relationsh…

IBM Identity-as-a-Service available to Hybrid Cloud Environments

Based on trending realities that, workforce becomes more mobile, that managing and securing multiple identities across a business becomes more complex on mobile and IoT devices, desktop environments and internet services, the new service, delivered via the IBM Cloud is designed for managing how employees gain access to their preferred business applications.  IBM Cloud Identity Connect is a new Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), which helps provide users with rapid access to thousands of popular cloud apps while enabling single sign-on (SSO) to their applications, whether from the cloud or on-premise.

Reusable launch vehicles in the satellite industry

It is very exciting to see that, the satellite industry is witnessing significant growth with the launch of several satellites. However, the high launch costs of using expendable launch vehicles help in reducing the profit margins. As a result, reusable launch vehicles are currently being developed and used by satellite operators to reduce the satellite launch costs. Remarkable innovations and modifications across various industries globally are steadily visible. Reusable launch vehicles are also being developed to bring down the costs of satellite development and launch. According to Technavio Research, the top vendors in the global reusable launch vehicles marketinclude: Airbus Boeing SpaceX.

Accelerated Data Transfer for Virtual Desktop and Hybrid Cloud Workloads

At the core of stakes, we have: the ability to reduce data center costs, streamline troubleshooting, and increase data security for enterprise clients managing hybrid cloud workloads. For instance, new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hybrid cloud capabilities for the VersaStack™ converged infrastructure solution leverage the storage capabilities from IBM FlashSystem A9000 all flash arrays and IBM Spectrum Accelerate software, which provide seamless data migration between on-premises and cloud deployments.

Innovative startups within the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive computing industries

Among the most exciting and promising with AI-based and Cognitive computing-based solutions, we have: Skiply specializes in real-time client satisfaction measurement through buttons, SMS and web interfaces. Skiply's “Smilio” connected sensors gather real-time customers feedback on their user experience: when they are using points of sale, when they leave a restaurant, when they are on the bus or in parking lots. The data is then analyzed in real-time with visualization tool such as Watson Analytics, and with Watson APIs such as Language Translator, Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding. Skiply gives its customers clear and real-time feedback on quality of service, and triggers appropriate actions when necessary. Skiply, created in 2015, designs and assembles its products in France. Skiply has customers in various industries such as banking, retail, restaurants, airports and facility management. Myxyty is a 10-year old French startup engaged in developing sm…