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Leadership in secure cross-platform mobility management.

In our mobile age, mobility and productivity converge as long as user experience and security, flexibility and privacy remain at the heart of stakes.
In secure mobile communications, henceforth, the most complete, end-to-end solution that secures the entire mobile enterprise, across all platforms is recommended by
By acquiring Good Technology, BlackBerry streamlines its portfolio and leadership when it comes to offer a unified, secure mobility platform with applications for any mobile device on any operating system. salutes this momentum that bring complementary capabilities and technologies to BlackBerry, including secure applications and containerization; varying deployment models such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD); corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE); as well as environments with multiple user interfaces and operating systems.

The Cloud Storage in our data-driven age.

Our data-driven age also means: vast amount of data flow generated in real-time, rising need for big data storage and increasing adoption of cloud storage gateways.
When it comes to Cloud storage, talks about technologies, trends, key players, solutions and services including:
backup storage solution, cloud storage gateway solution, and data movement and access solution;
system and networking integration, and support training and education;
Deployment into public, private, and hybrid.
Cloud storage software is offered by key players such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Box, Fujitsu, RackSpace, AT&T, and HP.

Large-scale compute and storage-intensive work.

It is henceforth obvious that, many different workloads, including visual effects rendering, video transcoding, large MySQL and Postgres instances, and more deeply nurtured our data-driven age with exciting content.
Flexible and streamlined Cloud Platforms provide now a complete set of compute capabilities, from PaaS (App Engine) to Containers (Container Engine) to Virtual Machines (Compute Engine) at the best price:performance ratio; so that, the General Availability of 32-core VMs, from Google Cloud Platform can help you benefit from bigger compute instances.
Three machine types include: Standard: 32 virtual CPUs and 120 GB of memoryHigh-memory: 32 virtual CPUs and 208 GB of memoryHigh-CPU: 32 virtual CPUs and 28.8 GB of memoryA Free Trial is available.

Scale out and scale up capabilities for your application or workload in our digital age.

Henceforth our digital-driven age is also characterized by sudden popularity, flash sale, or a change in user behavior that require resilient compute platforms for workloads of all sizes. Meaning that your real-time ability to responding to spiky traffic is now a game-changer; like dynamically scale the number of instances in response to load conditions; add instances when needed and remove them when traffic is low, but also remove complexities and forget about capacity planning or load traffic monitoring.
Google Compute Engine Autoscaleris henceforth generally available, along with the essential engine of managed infrastructure: Managed Instance Groups. salutes this momentum that can bring peace in minds when it comes to scale from zero to millions of requests per second in minutes without the need to pre-warm.
The Documentation is available.