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Offensive and Defensive Cyber Weapons: Master the gap between defensive theory and common practice.

Image recalls that, when it comes to Offensive and Defensive Cyber Weapons for Government and Private Sectors, as long as nations rely on computer networks as a foundation for military and economic power, and as long as such computer networks are accessible from the outside, they are at risk.
It is clear that, Hackers can steal information, issue phony commands to information systems (causing them to malfunction) and inject phony information (leading people and machines to reach false conclusions and make bad (or no) decisions). 
System vulnerabilities persist largely because of the gap between defensive theory and common practice. 
Therefore, stay connected on by checking in real-time our label (Security and Threats alerts) to mitigate all the risks and apply necessary audited measures and technologies, when required. 
Offensive Cyber Weapons: - Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) - Penetration driven assault - Reverse rules attack - Worms and Viruses Defe…

Understand and unify all of the disparate databases across a company, also, means:

Henceforth, thousands of major companies and businesses of all sizes across the world, use in real-time to streamline the process of unlocking their enterprise data, henceforth vital to learn more about: customers, systems production and competition.
With this leading position, recalls that, understand and unify all of the disparate databases across a company, also, means: 

Catalog, Connect, Consume data to help businesses addresses these challenges,
Identify and locate all of the data relevant to analysis,
Complete, accurate, and actionable information to identify cost saving opportunities across the enterprise,
Be able to leverage all available data for analysis and savings,
Integrate supply chain data to produce a unified view across a variety of data sources.
It is also critical to recalls how, a better solution for continuously connecting and enriching its core enterprise information assets, is indispensable to inter alia: dramatically reduce the am…

The robotics excitements drove the funding market for the digital industry last week.

Services and technologies related to the e-commerce continue to secure interesting funding from investors looking for established business models, susceptible to mitigate and reduce risks and to provide a rapid ROI.
However, with $236M (Venture) pour in the robotics division of SoftBank, Alibaba and Foxconn aim to bring Pepper, SoftBank's intelligent household robot, to market. Overall, has captured:
$10M / Series A for Mayvenn that gives hair stylists an online shop and the marketing materials they need to sell quality hair extensions to clients. Founded in 2012, Mayvenn as raised a total of $13M. Investors include:Andreessen Horowitz, Trinity Ventures, Core Innovation Capital and others.
$25M / Series B for Tamr, that helps companies understand and unify all of the disparate databases across a company. Major Investors include:New Enterprise Associates, Google Ventures, Hewlett Packard Ventures and others.
$45M / Series C for Namely, an end-to-end HR, payroll, and …