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Research on materials and biological samples: New kind of microscope uses neutrons

Centrales au gaz naturel : ce que vaut le Français Alstom en Octobre 2013.

IBM today announced that it is extending the Smarter Cities Challenge competitive grants program.

Here is Samsung ProXpress M4020 and M4070 series for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Virtualized Networking Solution Optimized for the Distributed Enterprise: here is how Netsocket help companies.

Cloud Center : ce que vaut IBM en début Octobre 2013.

Glass-Plastic Hybrid Cell Imaging Slide: Sony DADC and SCHOTT combined their talents.

Innovative clean energy technologies: here is ‘’the first concrete-composite floating platform wind turbine to be deployed in the world’’.

Cloud-based Activity and Participant Management™ (APM) solutions: Vista Equity Partners and ACTIVE Network announce their marriage.

3G/4G and LTE mobile networks: here is how TriQuint Semiconductor, new solution can deeply help telecoms operator.

If the new Nexus 5 Specs confirmed, professionals can harness deeply its set of sensors.