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Research on materials and biological samples: New kind of microscope uses neutrons

The announcement is official since a few days now, Researchers at MIT, working with partners at NASA, have developed a new concept for a microscope that would use neutrons , subatomic

Centrales au gaz naturel : ce que vaut le Français Alstom en Octobre 2013.

Ils ne sont pas assez nombreux des groupes internationaux à faire en même temps dans les infrastructures de production et de transmission d'électricité, ainsi que dans celles du transport ferroviaire. De l’Arabie Saoudite via l’Europe en passant le Canada et les USA, pour ne que citer ces régions, Connectikpeople constate qu’Alstom

IBM today announced that it is extending the Smarter Cities Challenge competitive grants program.

This program funds the deployment of IBM's top talent to perform pro bono problem solving in municipalities worldwide, henceforth regional governing bodies are also encouraged to apply for grants that will fund consultative engagements with IBM experts in 2014.  Connectikpeople may recall that, launched in 2011, IBM has deployed 600 experts on

Here is Samsung ProXpress M4020 and M4070 series for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.

Revealed, today and designed for professionals, the mono laser printer ProXpress M4020 and multifunction printer ProXpress M4070 come equipped with Samsung’s web-based open platform architecture, XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) Web, a 4.3-inch wide color touch screen, 1GHz dual core CPU, 1GB memory, scan-to-cloud and security enhanced functions. Connectikpeople has also observed thatThey also support 4GB SD card and use extra

Virtualized Networking Solution Optimized for the Distributed Enterprise: here is how Netsocket help companies.

Despite a few resistances among professionals, because of lacks of confidence, resources and others, but progressively, the stakes around Virtualized Networking Solution are well known and confronted. At Netsocket, specialized in virtualized, software-defined networking, the goal is to provide efficiencies and cost advantages of virtualized networking specifically for

Cloud Center : ce que vaut IBM en début Octobre 2013.

IBM est définitivement tourné vers lesservices, la compagnie déploie sans relâche ses investissement dans cet écosystème de plus en plus juteux. Presque 3 milliards de dollars de revenues net en 2013, et 7 milliards de dollars entendus dès 2015. Sans pour autant délaisser la division Hardware, même si IBM n’as pas su négocier sa présence sur le mobile, on peut observer que désormais, le SaaS (logiciel comme

Glass-Plastic Hybrid Cell Imaging Slide: Sony DADC and SCHOTT combined their talents.

What is so excited in this approach is the fact that, two companies combines their technologies and expertise tocome up with new applications for traditional materials. Henceforth the results are a novel glass-polymer cell detection slide for imaging of cells which aims to guarantee superior performance such as flatness, thin chamber design and lowest background fluorescence while being virtually unbreakable. The slide will be introduced to the public for the first time at the Biotechnica

Innovative clean energy technologies: here is ‘’the first concrete-composite floating platform wind turbine to be deployed in the world’’.

Despite the complexity of their implementations, the findings around the innovative clean energy technologies are progressively encouraging in terms of results, technologies and new approach experienced. Today, Connectikpeople is thrilled to observe that, this project Led by the University of Maine, is an early attempt ‘’to harness some of the strong offshore winds and paves the

Cloud-based Activity and Participant Management™ (APM) solutions: Vista Equity Partners and ACTIVE Network announce their marriage.

Pending the definitive agreement between both companies, Connectikpeople observes that, Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm focused on investments in software, data and technology-enabled businesses, revealed its keen readiness to invest in this attractive ecosystem with certainly a big ambitious project, in mind. BofA Merrill Lynch, RBC Capital Markets, and BMO Capital Markets Corp., have agreed to provide debt financing in connection with the transaction. This marks the interest and the attractive side of this

3G/4G and LTE mobile networks: here is how TriQuint Semiconductor, new solution can deeply help telecoms operator.

With the goal, to serve all key mobile infrastructure frequency bands, and based on the reality that, the market trend is towards more densely-packed, smaller radio links, small cells, Connectikpeople can observe that, theTGA2450-SM and filtering technology offered by TriQuint aim to support additional network capacity, higher efficiency systems and reduced system BOMs. This also means, this first integrated power amplifier solution of TriQuint Semiconductor for ‘small cell’ and active antenna base stations can: ·Reduces board space while delivering high efficiency. ·The radio transceivers in these systems are smaller by design to support indoor or outdoor

If the new Nexus 5 Specs confirmed, professionals can harness deeply its set of sensors.

As you can imagine, progressively, our smartphones have to be useful as possible as, in terms of applications, specs, sensors, programs embarked. Regarding the Nexus 5 (unofficial), its specs, especially sensors: Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity/Ambient   Light, Pressure, and NFC, can participate to blossoming of professionals. Others Specs include:
- 4.95" 1080p display (IPS TFT for those interested)