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Leverage video within the Salesforce ecosystem

Thanks to BI, cloud, Analytics and Big data technologies, there is no place for uncertainties and misinformation. Every enterprise deserves actionable data and insights.
The Salesforce ecosystem is at the core various and groundbreaking innovations that dramatically transform and will transform how people and companies interact with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world. SCORM Anywhere, as a native, enterprise-wide video solution that aims to enable full analytics for video consumption data across the Salesforce App Cloud and third-party offerings like Vimeo and YouTube.
Connectikpeople observes that, regardless of where video content is hosted, SCORM Anywhere can provide visibility into the interactions with your video assets, all in a single environment; you can gain insights into who consumed your content and how they interacted with it.

Intention-Based Proximity Marketing Capabilities within iBeacon technology

The iBeacon technology progressively penetrates the e-commerce and retail industry with exciting promises that can dramatically transform the interaction between merchants and shoppers. 
Living henceforth in a mobile-driven age, it becomes obvious that, the combination of location-based technologies and smart mobile apps will increasingly enhance shopper’s mobile experience; will add immense value to retailers by providing them with an understanding of how shoppers are interacting with specific products.
On the same momentum, recalls that, the combination of location-based technologies and smart mobile appsdeployed for instance, at physical store locations, can make it possible for retailers to notify nearby shoppers about availability or special offers on the specific items that they have previously indicated purchase intent. 
With Intention-Based Proximity Marketing Capabilities including: new insight on the specific items that shoppers have shown interest in; timely…