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Google I/O 2013: Stakes, Challenge ,Opportunities, for developers from Africa

Interested in to create an app or site that solves problems in any domain, , or improves commerce ,business , you’ve innovative ideas regarding apps which can improve the quality of life for communities or aid local governments in improving their services in Africa or anywhere , the Google Places API Developer Challenge 2012 may be for you.

Since the middle of August 2012, Google invites developers from around especially from Africa to make something that could helps their communities or governments by

Google Map Maker : Opportunities, Challenge, Stake for Cartographers from Africa as from 2013

Culture hydroponique : Pratiques, Enjeux, Opportunités contre la famine et l’insécurité alimentaire en Afrique via le Swaziland.

Innovation connectée : Enjeux et Impact dans le développement des Entreprises en Afrique dès 2013

Facebook/Conseils : Comprendre et Encourager les personnes à interagir avec votre entreprise ou projet