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Tap into your GPS and Wi-Fi to deliver items wherever you are located.

We are always at the early stages when it comes to delivery drones. Technologies are still immature, but excitements and promises are high.
A new patent has revealed Amazon’s drone delivery intentions, which will tap into customer GPS and Wi-Fi to deliver items wherever they are located.
According to Amazon, the drones will be able to make accurate deliveries within 30 minutes of ordering while taking into account weather, environmental, and traffic conditions, as well as route information.

Thank to the Internet of Things (IoT) that makes many far-reaching promises on future technologies.

Great expectations related to the future of the Data Center

In our data-driven age, Data Center is and will be more and more solicited when it comes to accelerate time to insights and market, accelerate time to actionable data, simplify the path to hybrid cloud, improve Cloud performance and Agility, and embrace the data center as a powerhouse for bringing your best ideas to life and for moving business toward future profitability.

Creating Confidence in the Cloud and Hoisting Big Data to the Cloud.

A set of unjustified concerns related to privacy, security and performance continue to undermine the move to the Cloud computing. 
However, recalls that, Companies have henceforth a range of secured choices nowadays; from the Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud to the Private Cloud when it comes to streamline this experience.

Convince your CIO to pay more attention to the cloud, can also start by creating an IT framework based on automation, service catalogs, and metering for charge-back capabilities. 
It is critical to inter alia: outline the actionable benefits, analyze any potential risks, and deliver all of the details and options your enterprise has to consider before making the move.
Moving big data (vast amount of corporate data) to the Cloud can be expensive and timely. So you can look to the public cloud for backup, for analytics, dev, or testing.

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The Cloud as a Business Incubator

With the requirements of security, privacy, performance, agility, scalability, flexibility and seamless more and more fulfilled, the cloud has become so reliable and so compatible with everything.
At, we believe that, it can be considered as an incubator of new ideas and business models. 
Henceforth, smaller businesses can level the playing field against bigger competitors by having instant, easy access to enterprise-grade scalable infrastructure.