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Understand, reason and learn from your data in new ways.

The unanimity is increasing: data is the new Oil, the most critical asset in our data-driven age. Therefore, we need holistic approaches, technologies, policies and best practices that help to streamline each critical experience.  Groundbreaking data exploration and visualization services emerge from the scratch with cognitive capabilities that help business users and individuals unlock the value of data, and answer their toughest questions and embed insight and expertise into every decision they make. 
It is obvious that, by understanding natural language, reasoning and generating hypotheses, cognitive computing is helping people understand; reason and learn from their data in new ways.
The right data is more and more collected and curated to add context, depth and confidence to every decision.
On this momentum, recalls for the informational purpose that, IBM has introduced new data discovery and question-and-answer capabilities for Watson Analytics that aims to make it…

SSL Certification market in India, cloud services, online services and payments online.

It is obvious that, the adoption cloud services increases around the world, and India in this momentum charts its bold way with its own realities.
So, can observe that, in our cloud age where SSL certifications provide the encouraging option to cloud service providers to secure their services, the adoption of SSL certifications will increase due to the rising acceptance of cloud services.
In India for instance, the growing adoption of e-commerce is a major driver for the SSL cert ification market.

One can also observe that, the rise in the number of online services provided by various companies is leading to an increase in online transactions, and the growing availability of online shopping websites encourages consumers to make payments online. 
According to Research and Markets, there are numerous organizations opting for self-signed SSL certificates, mainly SMEs, and this is hindering the growth of the SSL certification market in India, as it restricts revenue generat…

Google Cloud Shell Beta: from VMs to all aspects of the platform.

No matter where you are, the cloud has transformed how people and enterprises get access to critical IT resources and infrastructures; develop, manage, deliver and consume software. Million around the world use to master and understand the stakes related to this increasing momentum. Those who use Google Cloud Platform Google certainly, want to be able to easily manage their infrastructure and applications when running on this platform no matter where they are.  
Henceforth, with the launching Google Cloud Shell Beta, extending from VMs to all aspects of the platform,you have on your hands command-line access to computing resources hosted on Google Cloud Platform.
Available in the Google Developers Console, Cloud Shell is delivered via a VM hosted and managed by Google. recalls that, Google Cloud Shell is free while in beta until early 2016. You can learn more about Cloud Shell here.

VMware and a container approach to mobile application management and security.

In our digital lives, it is obvious that, for business users, email applications are henceforth a game-changer, like content and business apps that contain the data, insights, and information to master and to streamline their job. 
One can also observe that, native email experience across mobile devices optimized for businesses with the security and control that they require are increasingly demanded. 
VMware is planning the acquisition of Boxer, Inc. salutes this momentum that aims to combine Boxer and AirWatch with the goal to create a suite of services that will enable businesses to provide their employees with secure access to their email, content and apps.

Explore, transform, visualize and process data in Google Cloud Platform.

Developers and data scientists are more and more demanding when it comes to streamlined and interactive tools to help them be more productive. 
The stakes are exciting when it comes to get actionable insights from your different type of data and explore, share, and publish reports in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.
Google Cloud Datalab, henceforth available in Beta is a web-based interactive developer tool that can allow you to get insights from your raw data and explore, share, and publish reports in a fast, simple and cost-effective way. observes that, Cloud Datalab combines Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage with familiar data science ecosystems including: Python, SQL and JavaScript, with the goal to provide holistic experiences.