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Red Hat +Eurotech for an open platform for end-to-end IoT implementations

Open source is a game-changer in our digital era and henceforth the foundamental element of many modern IT innovations, from cloud computing to Linux containers, and the Internet-of-Things.
Co-sponsored Eclipse Kapua project based on Eurotech Everyware Cloud software and driven by Red Hat’s open source expertise and leadership is exciting and promising when it comes to enable IoT developers to embrace the flexibility, scale and reliability of open source for next-generation deployments.
IoT developers and end users can tap into this collaboration and open platform for end-to-end IoT implementations, to avoid costly, proprietary lock-in and accelerate community-driven development.

Arbe Robotics on its Drone Collision Avoidance Technology

The Drone industry is an emerging market that is facing a set of challenging issues related to collision that need to be addressed with streamlined solutions.
Arbe Robotics is aware of the stakes with its collision avoidance technology, now officially proclaimed as one of the front-runners in drone innovation, specifically in relation to collision avoidance. 
For those who are unfamiliar, the current field of collision avoidance is dominated by technology that specifically slows down a drone’s flying speed while simultaneously draining a drone’s battery. 
Arbe Robotics’s solution focuses not only on protecting drones from all oncoming objects encircling the drone, but can protect speed and length of fly time. 
Arbe Robotics’ solution includes both a hardware and a software component; hardware that exists as an easily mountable band, in addition to anti-collision autopilot software. Any oncoming obstacle that is one meter or larger in size can be detected from up to 200 meters away.

Drone2Map 1.0: Images from Drones into Professional 2D and 3D Imagery on Demand

Drones are revolutionizing the access to imagery with clear, accurate picture of any asset or area. Henceforth, people can process images from drones and quickly create imagery products for mapping, analysis, and sharing in real-time across mobile and online platforms.
For example, Drone2Map can offer in-field rapid imagery processing that allows the pilot to confirm that the drone's flight has captured imagery of the full area of interest.
Drone2Map for ArcGISby Esri accommodates new features and enhancements which allow users to Create orthomosaics, 3D meshes, and more. Build products with 2D and 3D mapping templates. Make scene layer packages from textured meshes and share them as a scene layer. Toggle between 2D and 3D views. Work offline in a disconnected environment. Register multiple portals for adding and sharing content. Download a portion of a basemap for offline use. Import and create ground control points for data accuracy. You can…