Showing posts from March 30, 2013

The official MLB ballpark application version 2.0.0 for iOS is henceforth available.

Infographie : les ‘’meilleurs’’ conseils et pratiques pour être bien référencé en 2013.

Game: The Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style Dance Game henceforth available on mobile.

Echelon 2013 June 4-5 in Singapore: allow startups to be seen and heard in Asia.

Mega pour Android et iOS, BB10 désormais disponible.

The Amazon Linux AMI 2013.03 is henceforth available: stakes and opportunity.

La Banque par Internet Ecobank : enjeux, réalités et opportunités.

Vine, a Twitter app to create and share short video is updated in version 1.0.7

Game: Wonder Zoo to run your own zoo on your Blackberry.

Free book: Invent in real time your Own Computer Games with Python.