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Red Hat + 3scale for the API economy with simplified cloud integration and microservices-based architectures

It is henceforth obvious that, in our ever-connected world, Managed APIs are becoming strategic in the enterprise because they enable organizations to rapidly deliver new services that are easy to consume yet secure, scalable, and reliable, as well as enabling services (as APIs) to be monetized as products.
In this environment, it is indispensable to enable organizations of all sizes to successfully create, manage, and use APIs. In this industry, 3scale offers a hybrid cloud based API management platform, which separates the cloud management layer from the API gateway, providing users with flexibility, performance, and scale.
Henceforth,3scale complements Red Hat existing middleware product portfolio and Red Hat OpenShift by enabling companies to create and publish APIs with tools such as Red Hat JBoss Fuse, and then manage and drive adoption of those APIs once they have been published.

Dassault Systèmes launches the “Vehicle Program Intelligence” industry solution experience

Transportation and mobility companies, product and manufacturing data, process improvement, manufacturer risks across cost, quality and material compliance, speed and agility is at the core of stakes with the launch of the “Vehicle Program Intelligence” industry solution experience .
One can observe that, Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, “Vehicle Program Intelligence” can reveal, measure and analyze product and manufacturing data to accelerate and enhance business decisions in project, change and quality management. 
In effect, with the ‘Vehicle Program Intelligence’ industry solution experience, Dassault Systèmes can provide transportation and mobility companies with a dedicated offer to address analytics for process improvement.
Companies can gain greater visibility into customer issues and response time, failure mode and corrective action trends, and part and manufacturer risks across cost, quality and material compliance.

Getty Images +Visual IQ for Advanced Marketing Attribution

Interaction with digital media across channels and devices and efficiencies in marketing spend are at the centre of stakes. 
In effect, Visual IQ through its advanced attribution solution is helping Getty Images to understand how consumers interact with its digital media across channels and devices and drive efficiencies in its marketing spend.
Here, advanced measurement solution that would help better understand marketing performance and assess optimization opportunities in an objective, granular, and actionable way drive excitements.

BAE Systems + U.S. Army to Develop Next-Generation Geospatial Intelligence Capabilities

Soldier situational awareness, geospatial intelligence capabilities, men and women in uniform, experimental intelligence collection systems and technologies are at the core of stakes.
In fact, BAE Systems was selected to assist the U.S. Army in developing next-generation geospatial intelligence capabilities to enhance soldier situational awareness. 
The company will assist in the exploitation and processing of geospatial data and develop various intelligence products for INSCOM’s Military Intelligence Brigade.