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Our digital age: some critical and actionable insights, trends and perspectives captured for you this week.

Image is pursuing its leading role as a perfect decision-making platform to streamline your end-to-end digital experience.
In this momentum, one has observed this week that:
New studies show that one-third of data center servers are consuming energy when inactive or transferring data. This revealing data points to a unpleasant mismanagement of data center resources and could be responsible for unnecessary costs and energy consumption.
Now that the benefits of collective knowledge and large code bases are more familiar to executives, some proprietary-code projects are finding value in integrating or completely moving to open source.
The secret to gaining a competitive big data analytics advantage is agility. The ability to capture and chew huge amounts of user data allows Apple to conduct large-scale UX research and fine-tune products quickly.
Henceforth, Companies can’t afford to act on dirty data, there’s a growing market for preparation tools to “clean” data before it’s used.

VMware Identity Manager in our digital age.

Expectations and excitements around Business Mobility are high. Meaning inter alia that, streamlined access to apps, services, and devices is critical.
With VMware Identity Manager™, VMware aims to deliver the industry's Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with enterprise-class mobility management and security solution. 
Offered as a cloud service or as an on-premises solution, observes that, VMware Identity Manager can enable organizations to empower employees to streamline their productivity with a self-service application store.
You can also leverage a central place to manage end-user provisioning, access and compliance, with enterprise-class directory integration, identity federation and user analytics. For a global fit and hit , feel free to submit your app or technology.