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Here is the 40 mΩ Dual Channel 1.0 X 1.6 MM Greenfet3™ Load Switch by Silego Technology: stakes and opportunities.

Here is MIUI ROM 3.10.18 Update Highlights

IBM inventors have patented a technique for dynamically allocating cloud computing data center resources.

Iphone 5c un flop pour Apple et l’iPhone 5S?

Here is how Dell Board has Approved Special Cash Dividend: stakes and opportunities for investors.

The Free Software Foundation announces LibrePlanet 2014, for free software advocates, contributors, and users.

Here is the Huawei Cyber Security white paper on how the global industry can address cyber security challenges.

Google+ Hangouts for iOS today brings free phone calls, animated GIFs, and more.

Huawei today announced MBB Insider Online: stakes and opportunities for app developers and other third-party MBB ecosystem companies.

Beware: the firmware for various D-Link routers contains a backdoor, here is the solution