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Here is the 40 mΩ Dual Channel 1.0 X 1.6 MM Greenfet3™ Load Switch by Silego Technology: stakes and opportunities.

With this release, the stakes are around the extremely space constrained.Based on Silego’s proprietary sub-micron copper power FET technology, Connectikpeople has observed that, this technology aims to support the world’s smallest full-featured, high efficiency power switches down to 1 x 1 mm in standard plastic packaging. The SLG59M1446V is a full-featured dual channel load switch packaged in an 8-pin

Here is MIUI ROM 3.10.18 Update Highlights

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, MIUI is one of the most popular Android ROMs in the world. It is based on Android 2.3 and 4.1. it features a

IBM inventors have patented a technique for dynamically allocating cloud computing data center resources.

IBM continues to consolidate its approach of personalized services. In this dynamic, this company has received its U.S. Patent #8,370,490. The patent is based on an automated analysis of the most effective use of assets, leading to improved performance and cost-savings over inefficient, one-size-fits-all

Iphone 5c un flop pour Apple et l’iPhone 5S?

Sur un smartphone généralement ce qui fait le succès commercial n’est pas phénoménal en termes de rendement ou d’efficacité ; mais le plus souvent s’est la manière dont on le présente et le time ming du lancement. Nokia a initié le smartphone, mais n’a pas su présenter et vendre son concept, aujourd’hui Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei, Ziaomi et ZTE engrangent

Here is how Dell Board has Approved Special Cash Dividend: stakes and opportunities for investors.

Connectikpeople may recall that, following the preliminary vote tally from the special meeting of stockholders, Dell stockholders have approved the proposal in which Michael Dell, Dell’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, will acquire Dell in partnership with global technology investment firm Silver Lake Partners.
This means, in connection with the transaction, Dell stockholders will receive $13.75 in cash for each share of Dell common stock they hold, plus payment of a special cash

The Free Software Foundation announces LibrePlanet 2014, for free software advocates, contributors, and users.

For those who unfamiliar, LibrePlanet is the annual conference of the Free Software Foundation and will be held in March 2014 in Cambridge, MA. This year, the theme of LibrePlanet is "Free Software, Free Society." How can free software protect journalists, whistleblowers, activists, and regular computer users from government and corporate surveillance? How can free software, or free software values like copyleft, community development, and transparency, be used by people fighting to

Here is the Huawei Cyber Security white paper on how the global industry can address cyber security challenges.

The online security challenges progressively gain in sophistication and become an arm or serious threats for certain groups or governments. In this context, Huawei has released yesterday, its second Cyber Security White Paper which is designed to inform ongoing discussions on how the global industry can address cyber security challenges. The white paper discusses how to make cyber security a part of a company's DNA and calls for common international cyber security standards to be agreed upon and implemented globally. Connectikpeople may recall that, one year ago, Huawei published its first Cyber

Google+ Hangouts for iOS today brings free phone calls, animated GIFs, and more.

This evening Google is updating Google+ Hangouts for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new app includes:
·The recent Android improvements , ·Calls to phones from the iOS app, and calls to the US and Canada are free,

Huawei today announced MBB Insider Online: stakes and opportunities for app developers and other third-party MBB ecosystem companies.

Henceforth with this announcement, Huawei is deeply committed in the world of mobile App. Developed by mLAB, Huawei's wireless network innovation lab, MBB Insider Online aims to allow app developers and other third-party MBB ecosystem

Beware: the firmware for various D-Link routers contains a backdoor, here is the solution

Connectikpeople is aware of reports that the firmware for various D-Link routers contains a backdoor that allows unauthenticated remote users to bypass the routers'