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The Dell XPS 18 Portable AIO now available in USA and in Europe.

For those who unfamiliar the XPS 18 is a touch-enabled AIO desktop that runs Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro designed for portability.
Following the unveilingof the XPS 18 portable all-in-one, henceforth it is official, Dell announces that, people in the United States and some select countries in Europe dévoile ses projets du mois en quête de financement.

Lancé officiellement il y’a quelque mois au Cameroun DevHope, se veut un réseau social du développement solidaire et citoyen. Inspiré par le modèle anglo-saxon et malgré son approche peu incitative et un design du site catastrophique,, le réseau social du développement solidaire et citoyen dévoile ses projets du mois en quête de financement. Il s’agit de :

Android apps: Libon for free calls, messages, and Visual voicemail now updated.

In addition of the features like: Call and chat for free, you can retrieve your Libon contacts and suggestions. You can also let your smart Visual voicemail answer the phone .and so on
With the new version henceforth available, Libon allows you customize your greetings; aggregate and synchronize all your communications (SMS, call logs, Libon communications); discover our

The Inclusive Digital Camera: to shoot from a more comfortable

Crafted to be perfect for shooting motion or long durations for anybody from the eldery to beginners, the Inclusive Digital Camera lens can rotate at 90 degrees, from landscape to portrait mode. 

G Data 2014 présente une nouvelle gamme de logiciels de sécurité : Réalités sur l’offre.

C’est donc officiel, pour sa série 2014, l’Allemand G Data déploie une nouvelle gamme de logiciels de sécurité qui intègrent un moteur d'analyse une nouvelle interface. On assiste radicalement au changement d’approche, car si à l’époque l’outil appuyait ses analyses sur 02 moteurs, à savoir d'Avast et de

BlackBerry World Launches the second annual BlackBerry Developer Community Awards.

Pending the BlackBerry Jam Americas BlackBerry wants to honor those that have gone above and beyond to actively engage and help fellow BlackBerry developers. Therefore this year 7 categories include:

MyGlass App for Android available and Specs for Google Glass Released

Available since April 15, 2013 for Google Glass owners, this app aims to allow you to configure and manage your Google Glass device. MyGlass can has access to: your accounts; Services that cost you money; your location this means that you can allow for example the app to get your precise location using the Global Positioning System

Google with Doodle style celebrate, today in image the the 160th anniversary of India's first passenger train.

This below doodle marks the 160th anniversary of India's first passenger train, which made the journey from Bombay to Thane on April 16, 1853. 

Official YouTube App for your iPad and iPhone Updated in version 1.3

In addition of the features like able to enjoy YouTube’s vast video catalog ; Find videos and channels more easily with voice search and query autocomplete
; Subscribe to channels and instantly access your subscriptions with the channel guide UI and so on. The new version 1.3 now  allows Quick access to new uploads from subscriptions via "My

Note: Deprecating HTML Notifications in Chrome Extensions

The official developer Team of Chrome announces that with the release of the M28 developer channel of Chrome, they are deprecating HTML-based notifications for Chrome Extensions in favor of the new Rich Notifications Chrome API. Therefore developers that are using HTML notifications should migrate to the newer Rich Notifications API, as support for the existing createHTMLNotification() feature will stop working in a future release of Chrome. ‘’At this time, the Rich Notifications API only works on Windows and

Réseau CTphone Camtel, l’expansion continue au Cameroun: Enjeux, Réalités et Opportunités.

C’est une dynamique en marche avec l’objectif de couvrir intégralement toutes les localités du Cameroun en réseau CTphone. Ce qui veut dire l’accès aux services de télécommunications démocratisé et internet sans frontière pour la nation Camerounaise. C’est donc une approche comme vous pouvez l’imaginer citoyenne mais également économique qui signifie pour les populations plus d’accès aux services d’éducation en ligne (e-learning), de possibilités au développement locale (création et production

The complete list of winners 2013 A’ Design Awards & Competition now available.

We know that you are very interested by what happens in the world of Design, therefore here is a look at twenty select designs from the 2013 A’ Design Awards & Competition for you. You can find the World Design Rankings here, Designer Rankings here and Designer Interviews here. And the

Ecoute for iOS, your Music Player, now updated in version 1.2

With Ecoute for iOS you can play music using your existing musical library. It aims to be elegant interface which helps you control your music quickly. Ecoute supports AirPlay and iTunes Match.