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The Growing omnichannel retailing

It is steadily clear that, with growth in the popularity and adoption of online retail, end-users arrive at purchase decisions after rigorous research on online sales portals. 
For many analysts, this helps them compare the features of different products and brands along with the price lines and incorporated features. Hence, the existing brands are currently focusing on delivering improved sales experiences. 
According to Research and Markets, Players have increased their investments on devising account management and supply-chain management strategies along with user-friendly product assortments, and they are launching informative and interactive websites to enhance their user-browsing experience.

A smart-connected wallet

For those who are unfamiliar, a smart-connected wallet, like any other wallet, is a personal accessory, which is used to carry personal belongings such as cash, transactional cards, transit cards, photographs, gift cards, and many other things. 
Their location can be tracked down by users with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. These wallets are compatible with smartphones and other wireless technology-enabled digital devices, including tablets and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Increased Viewing of Mobile Video Content

Increased Viewing of Mobile Video Content is exciting and many analysts believe that, this momentum is driving Consumer Demand for better content experiences. Mobiles are used every day to watch streaming videos, so that, the explosive growth of new digital content available via online video distribution networks such as YouTube competes directly with traditional broadcasting creating a new connected landscape with data at the center. Therefore, one can observe that, with this shift in industry competition, media and entertainment companies aim to maximize content investment and return while providing a differentiated and exceptional customer experience. According to a study, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, although media companies have advanced in recent years, most lag digital disruptors in the application of data, machine learning and advanced automation to deliver next-generation experiences at scale. Cognitive capabilities can play a critical role in this transf…