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Internet of Things (IoT) solution development will be easier and faster

I also agree that, IoT solution development will be easier and faster over the next few years, and that, IoT is changing and transforming everything from business to life. In effect, the Internet of Things is becoming the biggest source of data on the planet, with billions of connected devices streaming information about their status, their location and their health.
Bosch is making available its “Bosch IoT Rollouts” service for advanced device management and cloud-based software updates on Bluemix and integrated with the IBM Watson IoT Platform. I can observe that, clients of both companies will be able to access “Bosch IoT Rollouts” via the IBM Cloud, backed by the scale, flexibility, privacy and security that is critical for updating connected devices and driving continued innovation in industrial IoT.

Real time Dynamic-3D virtual reality visualisation technology for maritime and other applications

A new momentum at SRT Marine Systems plc who announces the granting of UK Patent 2489685 for its GeoVS Dynamic-3D virtual reality visualisation technology for use in real time marine domain management and display applications.
I can observe that, the patent relates to the unique way that the technology collates and fuses multiple real time sensor data streams (such as AIS, Radar, Tides and Weather) with thematic data from maritime charts and maps and instantly creates an accurate real time virtual reality visualisation of the marine domain through which the viewer can freely move and navigate. For those who are unfamiliar, Dynamic-3D visualisation provides significantly enhanced real time situational awareness and is an important feature embedded within SRT’s range of advanced GeoVS maritime monitoring and surveillance systems for use in VTS, VMS and MDM applications.

Current powerful trends in the Global Marketing Automation Software Market

One can clearly observe that, the vendors in the marketing automation software market mainly compete by providing solutions with competitive pricing and value added features, to improve foothold on the market and retain customer loyalty.
It is also interesting to observe a substantial increase in the demand for marketing automation software from industry verticals such as manufacturing, media, retail, IT, BFSI, education, and healthcare, so that, vendors are investing in the development of industry-specific and tailored solutions and in improving their delivery models using technology to increase their foothold in the global market. According to research study by Technavio, Marketing automation software market size is projected to reach USD 8.61 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of over 8%.

The emergence of wearable technology has transformed the outlook of computing on-the-go

Very interesting to increasingly see that, the application areas for the wearable technology range from consumer durables and healthcare to enterprise, industrial, and so on. In effect, with the development in the technology, it is expected to have application in new verticals and increased applications in the existing verticals such as medical surgery.
According to Research and Markets, the key factors contributing to the growth of the wearable technology market include consumer preference for sophisticated gadgets, increasing growth prospects for next-generation displays in wearable devices, growing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, increase in demand for wearable fitness and medical devices, and development of key enabling technologies.

The major mobility technologies in our ever-connected digital

Steadily, the major mobility technologies such as cellular IoT, wireless gigabit, mobile augmented reality, wireless charging for consumer electronics, Bluetooth, automotive vehicle-to-everything, mobile biometric, land mobile radio, automated guided vehicle, and wearable technology, are impacting our daily lives with inspiring and exciting experiences. In effect, increasing demand for smart devices and technological advancements in wireless connectivity is poised to drive the mobility technologies momentum like Rising consumer preferences for sophisticated gadgets and growing demand for connected living, to name a few.

Commerce into any connected devices

I salute the new collaboration between IBM and Visa that share henceforth, a vision and commitment to embed payments and commerce into any device. In effect, under this collaboration, companies can introduce secure payments across their entire product lines using the Visa Token Service, a new security technology that replaces sensitive payment account information found on payment cards with a unique digital identifier. In the future with this collaboration, all of IBM’s Watson IoT Platform customers will have access to Visa payment services via the IBM Cloud.

Key segments of Big Data and Analytics

For those who are unfamiliar, there are countless discussions around the "3 Vs" of Big Data and Analytics-volume, velocity, and most importantly, value. The value extracted from raw data becomes knowledge in order to improve the decision-making process.
You can consider the following segments within the Big Data and Analytics market: Big Data and Analytics core products and services, business process and strategic analytics, customer experience, marketing and sales analytics, social and site analytics, and mobile, retail, and location analytics.

Here is what Big Data and Analytics providers need to succeed

It is steadily interesting to observe that, Big Data and Analytics has emerged as technology that is being discussed outside the Information Technology departments, and companies across several industry verticals have realized that they need to harness the power of data coming from a variety of sources in order to survive. 
Based on this reality, to stay ahead of competition, Big Data and Analytics providers need to clarify the benefits in advance, focus on an advisory approach, and demonstrate proven successful cases.

Latin America Big Data and Analytics Market

The most exciting is to note that, the Big Data and Analytics (BDA) market is gaining space in the Latin America region, and companies are becoming more familiar with the concepts and the benefits of implementing BDA solutions. $7.4 Billion Market expected as Digital Transformation evolves by 2022, according to Research and Markets.