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Small Cell Backhaul Equipment: ABI Research expects to grow to over $5 billion in 2018,

In this ecosystem, Connectikpeople observes that,  an actor  like Huawei progressively ,is paving its way, in terms of offerings and partnerships. ABI Research expects the market for small cell backhaul equipment to grow to over $5 billion in 2018, up from a forecast $487 million for 2013 representing a 48% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). According to ABI Research, Sub 6GHz technology will capture over 47% of small cell

L’Asie et l’Amérique Latine devraient générés plus de 80% d’utilisateurs d’internet d’ici 2018.

C’est séduisant de voir comment internet à évolué depuis 1996. En effet en s’appuyant sur les données de Statista, on observe qu’en 1996 les Etats-Unis à eux seuls représentaient près de 66% des utilisateurs d’internet. Normal à l’époque car beaucoup de contenus étaient surtout destinés à ce marché. En décembre 2012, toujours selon

Batman: Arkham Origins landed today in the App Store for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Connectikpeople has discovered that, the game is available for free, pins the Dark

Oracle today has acquired Compendium: stakes and opportunities for companies.

If Oracle was more or less isolated in this ecosystem, with this acquisition the company expands and consolidates its portfolio. Henceforth Oracle aims to efficiency helps its customers plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels. As of now, Compendium’s solution complements Oracle’s Eloqua Marketing Cloud which is a part of Oracle’s

Professionals, Acer's Iconia W4 Windows 8.1 tablet is official bringing an optional keyboard and more.

Following the weeks of rumors and public appearances, Acer’s Iconia W4 Windows 8.1 tablet, the successor of the W3, is available this month, starting at $330 with 32GB

Tech in Africa: here is the ‘first 3D printer made from e-waste’.

Connectikpeople has received this project this midday, wherein Kodjo Afate Gnikou uses rails and belts from old scanners, a discarded desktop computer and even bits of a

Creative class of digital designers, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators: GoDaddy, has acquired Media Temple.

Following about 15 years of services as a private company Media Temple, belongs now to GoDaddy is the world domain name provider, Web hosting provider and new SSL certificate provider. However, the two companies will continue to operate independently. Under the terms of agreement, the strategic acquisition provides GoDaddy with direct access to Media Temple’s hosting gurus, who will share knowledge and insight on how

La nouvelle stratégie d’Intel commence à porter fruits avec ce troisième trimestre fiscal : voici ce qu’on peut comprendre.

Avec l’avènement du multi-écrans, la chute progressive des ventes de PC traditionnel, Intel a pris conscience qu’il doit diversifier ses activités, c'est-à-dire ne plus endosser solidement sa croissance sur son activité principales jusqu’ici : les microprocesseurs. On peut ainsi constater que le groupe a lancé environ 40 produits pour l'Internet des objets, les Datacenters et les appareils mobiles. Pas étonnant de constater pour le troisième trimestre fiscal, Intel a généré un bénéfice

Tech Fundings: Nginx, MapBox and Refinery29, have raised $40 million: stakes and opportunities.

Globally, these fundings will be implemented for expansion; bolster the teams and services. Nginx( founded in 2011, a San Francisco-based Internet infrastructure software startup), has raised a $10 million Series B round led by NEA with participation from, Runa Capital, MSD Capital, and Aaron Levie. Nginx will use the funds to expand its core engineering team in Moscow and increase

Global research survey into Digital Transformation: ‘here is why organizations are struggling to translate this opportunity into a vision for change’

Entitled,‘’Embracing Digital Technology: A New Strategic Imperative PDF - 1.44 MB’’, this survey shows that while the potential opportunity of Digital Transformation is absolutely clear, the journey to get there is not. 
Connectikpeople has observed that, the study led by Capgemini Consulting, in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Reviewinvolves about 1.500 executives in 106 countries: 78% of respondents feel that Digital Transformation will be critical to

Huawei's Small Cell Backhaul Solution: stakes and opportunities at core of this solution.

Huawei pursues its conquest across the world, with its set of hardware and software solutions in telecoms, Networks and more. This dynamic is also led by its Small Cell Backhaul Solution, intended to improve the efficiencies of network deployment. In fact, yesterday, Huawei's Small Cell Backhaul solution successfully participated in the interoperability and function tests held by the European Advanced

Professionals, here is Capgemini Insurance Platform as a Service Offering: stakes and opportunities.

Announced two weeks ago now, this solution delivers end-to-end integration policy administration and billing services for small to mid-sized carriers. This solution provides insurers with implementation, integration, maintenance and hosting on one platform, and is available for a monthly subscription fee.  
Capgemini’s Insurance Connect is a preconfigured set of optimized

Stand-alone Smart Sensor Label: Thin Film Electronics ASA announced today successfully demonstration: stakes and opportunities.

Following the low-voltage complementary logic announced in June 2013, today Thin Film Electronics ASA announced that, it has successfully demonstrated its first fully functional, stand-alone Smart Sensor Label. Connectikpeople can observe that the temperature-tracking label, designed for