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Critical and actionable Insights to unlock, accelerate or to streamline your digital transformation this week.

Thanks to, millions around the world are henceforth aware of the stakes related to our digital age.
With this post, draws your attention on a set breakthrough events and actionable insights susceptible to streamline your end-to-end digital experiences or transformation.
Respectively recalls that:
Apps like Vida Health and Native allow you to accomplish tasks that would normally involve many steps by simply messaging them what you need done.

Companies like Facebook and Yahoo use platforms like Hadoop and Presto because they needed ways to deal with massive amounts of data.
With Intel’s new True Key security it’s time to bid adieu to the days of remembering every password; now, all you need to login are your eyes, nose, and lips.
A new consumer-focused security company called Keybase is taking the hassle out of encryption in hopes of simplifying online safety.
BYOD policies have found their way into the majority of large organizations. E…