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Here is the Information Governance Gap Revealed across US and UK Companies.

We talk about the findings of independent research into policies adopted for information governance (IG) in the United States and United Kingdom. Released by Recommind, one of the leaders in unstructured data management, analysis and governance technology, Connectikpeople has observed that, the surveys were designed to discover what companies currently have in place to govern their growing data reserves and determine if these practices are effective at mitigating risk and

Here are fresh insights about IT strategies and infrastructures deployed within companies and governments throughout the world.

We talk about the Global IT Trust Curve survey, led by independent market research firm Vanson Bourne, spans about 3,200 interviews across 16 countries and 10 industry sectors. In this survey, Connectikpeople can observe that, the vast majority of respondents cite what is billed as a startling lack of senior executive confidence that permeates organizations globally, specifically concerning readiness around the critical IT requirements of continuous availability;

Here is why Orange Group reached an agreement with Altice for the disposal of Orange Dominicana.

Orange is widely indebted; therefore this agreement with Altice for the disposal of Orange Dominicana represents a new breath for this company. This also means the optimization of Orange's assets portfolio as announced in 2011. For those who unfamiliar, Orange Dominicana was established in 2000 and the company posted revenues of DOP 22.8 billion (EUR 451 million) in 2012 and had 3.4

HP Fourth quarter fiscal 2013 segment results prove that they have much more work to do.

Billed as the encouraging results by Meg Whitman, HP president and chief executive officer, according to Connectikpeople, the HP Q4 results demonstrate that the company has a lot of difficulties to create and harness new opportunities. Therefore we have captured these following fourth quarter fiscal 2013 segment results

Jazztel will use the Huawei NE5000E 400G core router to construct IP backbone networks, in Western Europe: stakes and opportunities.

This is another milestone for Huawei in Europe with its affordable set of products. Henceforth Jazztel, a fixed network operator in Spain, bolsters its capacity to provide more and better services for millions of fixed network

Orange "Daily Voix" (Daily Voice) is the new roaming option for professionals traveling to Europe, the United States or Canada.

If the roaming services remain expensive, at Orange Business Services , they think that, the costs (10 euros (excl. VAT) per day,0.45 euros/Mb (excl. VAT) for Europe, the United States and Canada, and at 5 euros/Mb for the rest of the world), are justified. Connectikpeople can observe that, the "Daily Voix" option is designed for occasional travellors and offers an alternative to the "pay-per-use" model by allowing users to make or receive calls from Europe, the United States or Canada for announced flat rate

Here is how and why SAP Establishes University Competence Center in China.

With this cooperation SAP, targets 7 million students graduated from Chinese universities each year and expands its SAP University Alliances program. This means the 7 million students graduating from Chinese universities can have hands-on experience with SAP

IBM inventors’ new patent unveiled a unified approach to enable companies to deliver personalized offerings.

IBM more than ever consolidates its position as one of the leading actors in the Cloud computing ecosystem. Its new technique combines Big Data from distributed cloud services with data stored on local IT systems. The goal here is to provide new insights that can enable businesses to more efficiently and effectively market and serve their

Total Traffic + Weather Network and TomTom, announced a multi-year partnership agreement to Help Drivers in North America.

With this agreement, the stakes surround Combined Resources to Create a Comprehensive Tool to Help Drivers Avoid Traffic and Reach Their Destination Faster In this dynamic, TomTom’s one of the industry leading real-time and predictive traffic flow data with Total Traffic + Weather Network’s traffic incident, construction and congestion data aim to create the most comprehensive traffic solution available in North America.This means, the combined assets and resources of both companies will deliver the most precise, up-to-date information for millions of drivers on every