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Production capability for distributed applications and container clusters.

When it comes to distributed applications and container clusters, it is obvious that, traceability and control are a game-changer that brings peace in minds.
With the same curve, recalls that, production capability for distributed applications and container clusters is at the core of stakes.
Weave Runincludes non-intrusive service discovery, routing, load balancing, and IP address management. salutes this momentum that can provide production capability for distributed applications and container clusters you might need.

Platform for apps, microservices and big data in our digital age.

As you can observe it, open source components, apps, microservices and big data are henceforth at the core of our digital era with great positive impact on our living and working conditions.
So, encourages the dynamic behind Apollo; an open source project that is particularly customized for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, and big data type workloads. also recalls that Apollo leverages open source components to provide basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of infrastructure and applications.

Networking service integrated into the Docker way in our application containers age.

Out of a set challenges related to security (progressively overcome), it is exciting to observe that, microservices, big data, containers and others holistic paradigms streamline henceforth our digital experiences.
Weave Net for example helps developers take care of all the networking stakes without any integration with special APIs; no new application code or operational re-tooling.

Data Warehouse Automation Software Optimized for Microsoft Analytics Platform System.

Data-centric enterprises and organizations are more and more encouraged to integrate conventional data sources and big data into purpose-built platforms for enterprise data warehousing and advanced analytics; but also to successfully manage their hybrid data ecosystems consisting of traditional RDMBS, Hadoop, and other big data sources.
The new release of WhereScape RED (optimized for Microsoft Analytics Platform System), can extract data from OLTP systems, flat files and big data platforms such as Hadoop Hive. also observes that WhereScape RED can enable practitioners to access source data from multiple environments, create procedural code, scripts, and tables, build cubes, schedule updates, and generate documentation in HTML format, all while maintaining existing BI front-end compatibility.