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Transform video into a strategic source of enterprise data

Video is henceforth one of the most popular contents on the Web and mobile devices; so that, it is now indispensable to inter alia provide enterprises with a fast, flexible, scalable and easy way to manage, monetize and grow user video experiences and deliver them securely over the Web and mobile devices.
The business of creating undeniable and personalized video experiences is booming; as a result, secure, scalable, seamless, agile and open cloud-based solution to manage video services are henceforth indispensable for each industry.
Clearleap will be integrated into the IBM Cloud platform with the goal to provide enterprises with a fast and easy way to manage, monetize and grow user video experiences and deliver them securely over the Web and mobile devices. encourages this kind of dynamic now at the core of all industries as a primary method to engage with customers and employees for CEO webcasts, conference keynotes, training & education, customer care, how-to …

Allow organizations to deploy secure, reliable applications in a consistent and repeatable way

In our digital era, Complexities, setbacks, lack of performance, and bottlenecks, downtimes are not tolerated when it comes to orchestrate the deployment and management of business-critical infrastructure and applications.
Puppet Application Orchestration Puppet Labs announces the general availability of Puppet Application Orchestration. salutes this momentum that can dramatically reduces the complexity of deploying and managing applications that are composed of many different services, and span many different servers and devices.
Organizations can model applications, including the relationships across their supporting services and underlying infrastructure. also recalls that, a new orchestrator can ensure that the right things happen in the right order on the right machines as the application is deployed, updated or destroyed.

Enable organizations in any industry to continuously collect, analyze and act on streaming data

Our connected world is more and more characterized by the soar of real-time data that requires streamlined technologies and apps, approaches and infrastructures when it comes to ingest it and capture actionable business and security values.Data-centric businesses are henceforth at the core of this momentum with a great willingness to easily and successfully address: modern data challenges; continuously collect, analyze and act on streaming data; simplify the management of data in motion regardless of its source, location and format; improve their responsiveness to critical events with the continuous analysis of big data.

For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, the MapR Converged Data Platform integrates file, database, stream processing, and analytics with the goal to accelerate data-driven applications and address emerging IoT (Internet of Things) needs.
Henceforth, the integration of MapR Streams into this converged platform can enable organizations in any indu…

Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) technologies in our data-driven era

Exciting to see that, organizations of all sizes are turning to Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) technologies when it comes to capture business value, unlock actionable insights and data and to ingest real-time, actionable business insights.
However it is indispensable to recall that, regarding Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) technologies, it is critical to focus primary on:
·analytical platform that integrates with in-memory capabilities to support real-time analytics,
Real-time use of their data,leading Hadoop distributions and can run the solution natively in Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), optimized for distributed in-memory to deliver real-time analytics,Supports deployment across Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microstrategy Cloud, Rackspace , VMware vCloud Air…etc.,economical, secure, flexible, and scalable data platform that’s critical for them to deliver real-time, actionable business insights,Open, fast and enterprise-grade analytics platform that can help y…

Public awareness of how to protect personal and financial data online and at home recalls that, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the third in a series of tips intended to increase public awareness of how to protect personal and financial data online and at home. A new tip will be available each Monday through the start of the tax season in January, and will continue through the April tax deadline. US-CERT and IRS recommend taxpayers prepare for heightened risk this tax season and remain vigilant year-round.
The third tip focuses on seven simple steps for making identity protection part of your daily routine. So, encourages users and administrators to review IRS Security Awareness Tax Tip Number 3 for additional information.