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Showing posts from October 8, 2013

Here is how the new Login and Pay with Amazon service aims to help companies and customers in just a few clicks.

The compete around tools and online payment technologies is increasingly very hard, in terms of easiness, and approachs offered. Progressively we observe that, each niche is harnessed. In this dynamic, today, Amazon released a new service that aims to streamline how customers transact with online merchants. Connectikpeople has observed that, Loginand Pay with Amazonaims to allow participating companies to empower customers to go from browsing to buying in just a

Beware: Microsoft has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and more.

Connectikpeple has observed that, this month, Microsoft has released eight bulletins: four Critical and four Important, which aim to address 26 unique CVEs in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, SharePoint, .NET Framework, Office, and Silverlight.
Connectikpeople may also recall that, for those who need to prioritize

Teasing video: here is how Nvidia Tegra 4 technology produces games with amazing visuals.

At Connectiikpeople, we hope that this video could inspire you in your productions. In the video below, game developers like Bitsquid, Steel Wool Games and Vivid Games

Free book: here is, Graph Databases to technology enthusiasts, developers, and database architects.

For you Connectikpeople has captured this exclusive early release of Graph Databases, published by O’Reilly Media. The book discusses the problems aligned with graph databases, with examples drawn from practical, real-world use cases. You will also be

Breaking: your new Crowdsourced, Interactive Search Engine

With the goal to relieve user frustration associated with spam, advertising and irrelevant search results, today, Verbase,Inc., announced availability of its new semantic search engine. For those who unfamiliar, Verbase aims to enable users to

Here is the new HP Chromebook 11, made with Google for our Tech enthusiasts.

With no revolutionary features or Apps, simply a set of consequent specs as a Chromebook. But, available for just $279 with 3G and 4G/LTE, it becomes attractive for our Techenthusiasts.  The HP

La tendance écran flexible s’exporte sur les batteries : Ce qu’il faut comprendre sur une telle approche.

Loin d’être pragmatique et essentielle, juste commerciale, la tendance écran flexible joue avec la curiosité des techenthousiastes. S’il y’a bien une technologie que les fabricants de mobiles partagent le plus, c’est bien le mimétisme. Ce qui peut se justifier partiellement compte tenu de la volatilité de l’écosystème : il faut être à jour au bon moment, même lorsque s’est ringarde. En effet, un scanner d’empreinte digitale sur l’iPhone 5Cs, tout de suite HTC et

Today, Siemens Smart Grid announced Demand Response Management Software (DRMS) 2.5.

Following the previous release in October 2012, Today, Connectikpeople has received Demand Response Management Software (DRMS) 2.5, the latest advancement in its demand response solution. The new software brings an unparalleled number of ways to create rule based aggregations that can pinpoint localized grid stress within the utility’s territory while optimizing the dispatch of consumer loads. According to

Alcatel-Lucent : ce que vaut le groupe Franco-Américain en octobre 2013 et ses projections jusqu’en 2015.

Il est un peu délicat de parler d’Alcatel-Lucent ces derniers temps qui courent. En  effet, c’est groupe avec une dette de 2 milliards d’euros, qui traverse une période très difficile de restructuration : les emplois sont réorganisés ou supprimés, les enjeux sont redéfinis et les priorités plus claires. Il s’agit pour le groupe d'accroître les revenus de son segment cœur de réseaux de plus de 15%, de 6,1 milliards d'euros en 2012 à plus de 7 milliards en 2015. Difficile dans

New Mail Mac app Airmail brings for professionals: Exchange accounts support; Outlook, Hotmail, Live, IMAP support, VCalendar support and more.

Available since yesterday for $1.99 in the App Store,this is a big update which also brings new features and lot of improvements. As major features and improvements, Connectikpeople has captured: POP3 accounts supportOutlook, Hotmail, Live, IMAP support

RF Antenna Switches for Smartphones: Toshiba makes a new step forward.

This is a new milestone for Toshiba, today the company announced its SP10TRF antenna switch with a MIPI® RFFE interface that aims to achieve the lowest insertion

Semi-conducteurs : ce que vaut réellement Samsung en début octobre 2013.

S’agissant du marché et la R&D autour les puces électroniques, on envie de dire que le Coréen n’a pas réellement de redoutable concurrent. En revanche, l’Américain Snapdragon est loin d’être oublié. Mais reste une réalité que le Coréen tient bien le marché. Un, par ce qu’il arrive à écouler près de 70 millions de smartphones toutes gammes confondues chaque trimestre, mais aussi par ce qu’il fournit ses vrais concurrent notamment Apple. Connectikpeople pense que pour cette activité, Samsung devrait engranger environ 8

E-payment for Merchant: here is how MasterCard and Parkeon play their partition in US and Europe.

Progressively, we observe that, the e-payment solutions providers approach the daily activities of their customers and needs in terms of shopping, entertainment, and commerce. Therefore with this partnership, the goal is, to deliver relevant rewards to shoppers at the right moment and in the right place. For local businesses, the goal is to allow them to showcase relevant and appropriate merchant offers in a highly targeted way. Connectikpeople has observed that, compared to certain solutions, it will not smartphone app installation. A full scale deployment of the merchant offers solution is

La conception d'outils d'échographie de pointe : FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc., a annoncé l'approbation du « kiosk » X-Porte™.

Désormais le « kiosk »X-Porte est prêt pour le marché. Cette approbation vient encourager les efforts de R&D de SonoSite. Connectikpeople a pu observer que l’avancée fondamentale du X-Porte est une ‘’nouvelle’’ technologie d'imagerie médicale : la technologie (XDI) brevetée Extreme Definition ImagingTM de SonoSite. Selon SonoSite, XDI a été créée après 35 ans de recherche appliquée en échographie