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Here is how the new Login and Pay with Amazon service aims to help companies and customers in just a few clicks.

Beware: Microsoft has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and more.

Teasing video: here is how Nvidia Tegra 4 technology produces games with amazing visuals.

Free book: here is, Graph Databases to technology enthusiasts, developers, and database architects.

Breaking: your new Crowdsourced, Interactive Search Engine

Here is the new HP Chromebook 11, made with Google for our Tech enthusiasts.

La tendance écran flexible s’exporte sur les batteries : Ce qu’il faut comprendre sur une telle approche.

Today, Siemens Smart Grid announced Demand Response Management Software (DRMS) 2.5.

Alcatel-Lucent : ce que vaut le groupe Franco-Américain en octobre 2013 et ses projections jusqu’en 2015.

New Mail Mac app Airmail brings for professionals: Exchange accounts support; Outlook, Hotmail, Live, IMAP support, VCalendar support and more.

RF Antenna Switches for Smartphones: Toshiba makes a new step forward.

Semi-conducteurs : ce que vaut réellement Samsung en début octobre 2013.

E-payment for Merchant: here is how MasterCard and Parkeon play their partition in US and Europe.

La conception d'outils d'échographie de pointe : FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc., a annoncé l'approbation du « kiosk » X-Porte™.