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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design in our digital age.

Social Collaboration on the Cloud is henceforth essential when it comes to improve productivity and quality, speed-up time-to-market anywhere and anytime.
In fact, flexible, intuitive single modeling environment that improves the overall industrial design process, are always welcome. 
SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design, the second SOLIDWORKS application on its 3DEXPERIENCE platform, integrates now this reality by inter alia providing important social collaboration capabilities.
The application aims to speed-up the product design process by providing engineers with an intuitive cloud-based tool to design and collaborate from concept to final product, anytime, and anywhere. recalls that, with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Design, designers can create complex shapes in 3D and add mechanical data directly to a model without changing product design software or environment.

Collaborative Visualization System: Jupiter Systems with Canvas 3.0, paves its way.

Enhanced communication, collaboration and content sharing throughout the enterprise; easy real-time sharing of video, data, applications and other inputs – on any device, at any location, for seamless end-to-end collaboration, are henceforth critical , when it comes to make it easier for teams spread across vast geographies and on almost any device to share content, access the latest data, analyze events, and communicate quickly and effectively, making more confident and better informed decisions. welcomes Canvas 3.0, in its Newest Version which can deliver enhanced communication, collaboration and content sharing throughout the enterprise.
New features include: Shared voice chat; Microsoft Lync® integration; Connect with remote non-Canvas users; and Canvas CRS-4K.

CRM system and marketing automation: major drivers and challenges, Key and prominent Vendors.

More than ever, Large Business and SMB need productive, secure, flexible and scalable tools. They need new opportunities with predictive analytics, to inter alia: streamline their operations, and personalize customer service based on a customer's history and prior interactions. 
In this quest, CRM systems and marketing automation can bring peace in minds by helping Large Businesses and SMB to create, develop, and enhance customer relationships to maximize customer value, corporate profitability, and ultimately the shareholder's value.  For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, a CRM is a software solution used to manage organizational interaction with the existing and prospective customers. CRM software supports organizations to maintain contact details of their existing or prospective customers, including details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, call records, and purchase history. 
The Marketing automation refers to automation of internal marketing proce…

The emergence of data and analytics across the global recruitment industry: stakes, realities, stories and more.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to the application of data and analytics in recruiting. Bottlenecks are various: from lack of awareness to lack of trust, we are just at the beginning, when it comes to using analytics and data to drive more informed decision-making and improved outcomes across all stages of the hiring lifecycle.
Industry research group Bersin by Deloitte reports that only 14 percent of HR organizations in the United States use advanced analytics to make talent decisions. salutes the launch of The Data Driven Recruiter, an online educational resource and content hub focused around the emergence of data and analytics across the global recruitment industry. 
One can observe that, the aim of The Data Driven Recruiter is to reduce the friction between recruitment professionals and the data they have at their disposal.

Network functions virtualization (NFV) features in OpenStack: Red Hat and NEC pave their way.

Scalable and open technologies and virtualized architectures represent nowadays unmatched opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs), to streamline and secure their critical operations and to transform their businesses and modernize both their infrastructure and services.
When it comes tovirtualized network functions, it is encouraging to observe that, they promote greater agility, stability and security of services as well as new revenue creation while enabling a wide range of customers to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. salutes the new commitment of Red Hat, Inc. , and NEC Corporation to jointly develop network functions virtualization (NFV) features in OpenStack in order to deliver carrier-grade NFV solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. 
According to their memorandum of understanding, NEC's NFV system integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform will be designed to deliver mobile packet core vi…

The role and stakes of Internet of Things and Smart Cities democratized.

The concepts of Internet of Things and Smart Cities remain mysterious for many among you. Indeed, we are still at the early stage of these emerging technologies, but the benefits are exceptional, including: access to timely, granular, and complete data necessary to support necessary strategic and tactical decision making.
If the lack of education, resources and awareness, can hamper, recommends enterprises, organizations, States agencies and Governments to inter alia:
Educate key decision makers and build support; Use success stories from other cities and vendor ROI and other performance metrics to make the business case.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, The foundation of IoT and smartcities solutions is that they provide a significant return on investment (ROI) from access to new and better and actionable information.
The new report, “IDC PlanScape: The Essentials of Internet of Things Investment for Smart Cities,” (Doc # GI253551) explains th…