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The SplitLamp: to illuminate the part of the desk that you so require.

Designed by Predrag Vujanovic, this one may be a perfect lamp for you. In fact you can adjust the angle of the light and its intensity, depending upon your requirement. Flexible, adjustable and sexy to look at.

Amazon Web Service launches AWS CloudHSM to provide secure key storage and a set of cryptographic operations.

Following the creation of AWS Security & Compliance Center to publish information about the various reports, certifications, information about the security features, Amazon Web Service officially since March 26, 2013 has added the AWS CloudHSM service: another security

Henceforth the Leap Motion Controller Supports Linux: stake and opportunity.

For those who unfamiliar, The Leap Motion controller is a small USB peripheral device which is designed to be placed on a physical desktop, facing upward. Using two cameras and three infrared LEDs, the device observes a roughly hemispherical area, to a distance of about 1 meter (3 feet). It is designed to track fingers (or similar items such as a pen) which cross into the observed area, to a spatial precision of about 0.01 mm

Fidéliser les fans d'une marque sur Facebook : enjeux et réalités.

Elles sont de plus en plus nombreuses des Startups qui développent et tissent leur business modèle autour de l’audience de Facebook. Le plus souvent, l’approche logicielle associée au ludique est privilégiée. Fanzy, une start-up installée en France et aux États-Unis est l’une d’elles. Mais il se pose toujours le problème de l’efficacité de tous ces modèles.
Mais Fanzy veut rassurer et annonce sur son site avoir séduit

The most in-depth picture we’ve yet seen of young Chinese gamers’ demographics, habits, and desires.

For those who are interested by the China game market, this new reportmay help you to forecast your commitment. From iResearch and QQ Games the report focused on China’s teen and twenty-something online gamers. More than 5,000 gamers have been surveyed and the findings are clear:
Mobile gaming is less popular with the youngsters than you might expect, teen gamers spend more on upfront fees and way less on in-game items . The report is only available in Chinese, but there’s so much of value in there that TechAsia spent a time picking the report apart and creating the massive infographic you see below with some of the most interesting, useful, and

Cover Keyboard : offrant un moyen plus réaliste de voyager avec votre ordinateur.

Pourquoi confiner la portabilité au seul Laptop, pourquoi ne pas avoir les Desktop aussi aisément portable et très pratiques ?ce sont des questions que le designer LeeDano se pose et veut y apporter une solution avec son ‘’Cover Keyboard’’(le clavierextensibleinteractif) offrant un moyenplus réalistede

CCleaner henceforth accommodates new update in version 4.0

It now official 4.0 for CCleaner, adds a couple of new tools: one for the free version and one for the Pro release. This means that you can benefit from a duplicate file finder that can match items by name, size and modification date. Regarding users of the Pro release, they have now a System and Browser Monitoring module. New applications supported in this revision include avast! Antivirus 8, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Samsung Kies and

Video: Learn more about the Galaxy Samsung galaxy S IV new Features

Despite no redesign with the Galaxy Samsung galaxy S IV, we have some pretty amazing features into SIV. Therefore Samsung has put together some additional videos to show off some of these features.

Delete Clock: an innovative way of planning our day and keeping with schedules.

Designed by Li Ke, Pang Sheng Li and Chen Yi Li, this Clock, aims to offer us an innovative way of planning our day and keeping with schedules. We discovered that the whiteboard surface is good for jotting down notes and tasks, plus the fact that the

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter: new update in version 5.2 bringing more improvements, fixes ad features.

For those unfamiliar, Twitterrific is Twitter client which lets you browse mentions and direct messages from a single view and the new theme panel enables you to tailor the way tweets are displayed. Respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum effort using gestures and so on. The new Version 5.2 now available brings: Push notifications

42, une école révolutionnaire et gratuite en France pour former les informaticiens efficaces.

"Je veux aider la France", affirme le patron de Free Xavier Niel "Mon objectif est véritablement de découvrir de nouveaux talents, de s'ouvrir aux exclus, de faire collaborer et finalement générer de la croissance dans notre pays. Si la France, 5e puissance économique mondiale, tenait sa place dans le numérique, au lieu d’être 20e, elle aurait réglé le problème de l’emploi". Une approche et une vision anglo-saxonne venant d’un français ! Exceptionnel ! La crise fait bien les choses. En effet dan un pays où on fait le culte du diplôme au détriment de l’efficacité, le monde bouge et il ne compte pas