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Cheaper, biodegradable plastics from plants such as palm trees and beets

From cost-effective, petroleum-based alternatives to a new discovery that leads to a cheaper way to convert plants into common consumer plastics that decompose over time, providing an alternative to recycling plastics, it is in effect exciting to observe that, scientists from IBM Research have identified a chemical catalyst that can be used to create cheaper, biodegradable plastics from plants such as palm trees and beets. 
Then one can observe that, these inexpensive plastics can be used for making common consumer plasticware, such as eating utensils, as well as medical devices.
The new catalyst is an organic substance that lowers the energy required for the conversion from plant to plastic to occur. 
According to scientists from IBM Research, it does not contain heavy metals and can thus degrade in the environment over time just like the plastic itself.

Trends, new dynamics and expectations fueling the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Beacon technologies

It is now obvious that, a set of dynamics converge; while others are shifting, when it comes to Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Beacon industry. 
ABI Research forecasts the amount of BLE beacon shipments made in the personal tracking, IoT, and real-time location system (RTLS)/asset tracking markets will easily surpass those in retail. 
The overall BLE beacon market continues to grow rapidly with shipments set to break 500 million units by 2021.
Retail is forecast to remain a major market today for BLE beacons. Personal tracking is seen now as the largest individual market of the group, with market leader Tile shipping over six million BLE beacons alone.
In RTLS/asset tracking, a range of new, high-accuracy BLE beacon technologies, designed specifically for this market, could offer a significant cost improvement on traditional technologies.
In the IoT space, ABI Research expects to see BLE combined with LPWAN technologies to support large scale deployments in smart cities.
As an emerging trend, w…

Redbooth for Apple TV, a Productivity App Designed Exclusively for Apple TV

At the center of stakes, we have productivity, a seamless integration of messaging; file sharing, search, task management, voice and video. We have group discussion, management and collaboration.
In effect, Redbooth’s new Apple TV app is designed exclusively for the new Apple TV, the new Redbooth app encourages group discussion, collaboration and planning around the screens. 
The app is free and displays an optimized version of Redbooth. It can enable teams to run more efficient meetings and be more productive, and families or friends to plan and complete important projects.