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Event-Driven Programming through IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

As a Platform as a Service, IBM Bluemix is charting its way as a new era in app and microservices development; a powerful place of extreme simplification in application development. 
Henceforth, with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk a new open, event-driven platform, developers can build more feature-rich apps, quickly and easily, that automatically trigger responses to events.
The IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk platform can also enable developers to quickly build microservices that execute software code in response to events such as the clicking of a mouse or the receiving of sensor data from any IOT device. 
The new opportunity also brings up the choice through support of Swift, Node.js, or custom code packaged in a Docker container.

IBM +VMware within the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud industry

The experiences around the Hybrid Cloud computing are increasingly sophisticated and streamlined by a set of friendly tools that can bring peace in minds within each industry and organization.  In this momentum, IBM and VMware, Inc., are working on a strategic partnership to enable enterprise to easily extend their existing workloads, as they are, from their on-premises software-defined data center to the cloud.
One can observe inter alia that, IBM and VMware have jointly designed an architecture and cloud offering that will enable enterprises to automatically provision pre-configured VMware SDDC environments, consisting of VMware vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN on the IBM Cloud. 
With this SDDC environment in place, you will be able to deploy workloads in this hybrid cloud environment without modification, due to common security and networking models based on VMware.

GitHub Enterprise on IBM Bluemix

Streamlined collaboration on a trusted Platform as a Service is a game changer for developers and DevOp Teams that need henceforth streamlined end-to-end experiences anytime and anywhere.
IBM and GitHub are worrking to deliver GitHub Enterprise as a dedicated service on Bluemix; IBM’s Cloud Platform. An exciting experience that where developers can expect to learn, code and work with GitHub’s collaborative development tools in a private, environment with robust security capabilities.
For those who are unfamiliar, GitHub is a software platform used by more than 12 million developers to collaborate. With GitHub Enterprise, code collaboration, code reuse, and review are built into the development process, offering managed, collaborative coding for large-scale enterprise software development teams. As part of Bluemix, the solution will provide users with Hybrid DevOps capabilities through the Bluemix Dedicated and Local managed delivery models.