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New zero-day vulnerabilities zero-day vulnerabilities in Java:Threats and Advice

Amazon Cloud Player app for iPad and the iPad mini is now available in the Apple App Store.

Chrome Super Sync Sports : to create a new gaming experience on big and small screens.

Deux failles Zero-Day dans Flash pour Windows et Mac OS X exploitées par les pirates.

Vine for iOS has accommodates minor improvements

Sketchfab, Envoyer et visualiser la 3D sur une page Web et sans plugin: Acteurs et Opportunité.

STRaND-1: World's first "phonesat", successfully launched into orbit from India.

Internet Explorer 10 pour Windows 7 disponible : réalités et Opportunité.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone: henceforth available for iOS. announces its support of two Sub-Saharan Africa organizations to connect the world.