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Next Generation Cybersecurity

It is critical to recall that, we live henceforth in the digital landscape, where threats and sophisticated cybersecurity attacks are mounted and operated in real-time by isolated hackers, organized crime, and nation-state.
Based on this grim reality, recommends enterprises to focus on the following recommendations when it comes to deal with the next generation Cybersecurity. Organizations should appropriate: ·Continuous Diagnostic Mitigation (CDM) approach:( an accurate, current baseline of knowledge and an understanding of everything in the system and who has access to it); ·Manage people and their access to systems; ·Adopt permanent trainings and best practices to manage system access, credentials, human behaviors; ·Establish protective boundaries to ensure the security and integrity of data, applications and infrastructures;
Organizations must adopt a zero-trust model in which they never trust and always verify. Being breached must be viewed as the rule, not the exc…

New alliance between IBM and Microsoft will bring flexibility within enterprises in our cloud-driven world.

Deal with competition in our ever changing business ecosystem, requires combination of expertise, skills, infrastructures, innovative technologies and strategic alliances.
The Cloud computing as one of the disruptive emerging technologies, represent an unmatched opportunity for each enterprise or IT professional to streamline their critical operations.
Microsoft and IBM are working together to provide their respective enterprise software on Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. This strategic alliance can bring peace in minds for large organizations on the way to implement hybrid cloud and over the tools that they can use to build and deploy their cloud environments.
For Microsoft and IBM, it is a great opportunity to reinforce, open and expand their respective offerings and technologies when it comes to cope with aggressive competitors on the market.

Deeper Insights from Industrial Data: stakes, solutions and recommendations.

The emerging technologies such as: smart sensors, cloud and Big data/analytics platforms, represent a real treasure for a diverse range of industries including automotive, manufacturing and oil and gas, when it comes to get deeper and valuable insights from field data; easily collect, correlate, explore and understand industrial data at scale.
In our highly competitive economic environment, Industries need henceforth to understand their data; streamline their critical operations in real-time; accelerate troubleshooting; perform preventative maintenance; strengthen security posture and improve productivity.
They also need a powerful and turnkey big data analytics solution to address their growing needs.
Analyzing industrial data, requires a lot of efficiencies, therefore,,  recommends a comprehensive and integrated solution that combines industrial systems communications together with a flexible, seamless, secure and scalable data collection, storage and analytics platf…

Secure Shell (SSH) Keys Management in our digital-driven world: stakes, trends, recommendations and solution.

The security stakes surrounding data, IT systems and infrastructures are more and more enormous and strategic in our ever changing, complex and challenging environment. It is encouraging to observe that, progressively, security vendors combine hardware and software to strengthen security. 
Secure Shell (SSH) Keys, play a critical role when it comes to secure networks, data, infrastructures and a set of credentials. This means that, organizations need: comprehensive Secure Shell (SSH) key managementto secure and manage SSH keys as well as other privileged credentials in a single, integrated, flexible, transparent, open and scalable platform .
SSH keys, need : oversight, management and monitoring in real-time when it comes to avoid illegitimate access to critical systems. Support audit and compliance teams with full SSH key session recording, are also critical. CyberArk SSH Key Manager and CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution v9 pave their way in this vertical.

Here is how new App called Inbox from Google really matters for professionals.

It is obvious that, as a professional you need to focus in real-time on what matters for you: get your task well done; be assured that your timescale is on-the-go; get useful information you may need to get the job done; honored your appointments and more.

Away from the capabilities to send and receive digital notes or files, deal with similar types of mail on Gmail,, observes that, Inbox from Google brings the productivity you may need to focus on what really matters, when it comes to work on your smartphone or Tablet.
Inbox goes beyond categories Google has introduced in Gmail last year, with Inbox, it is possible to adapt to the way you work by choosing which emails you’d like to see grouped together; get useful information from the web; focus on your priorities by letting you add your own Reminders; handy pieces of information you may need to get the job done and more. 

You can email Inbox at to get an invitation.