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End-to-end digitized business processes in finance, procurement, sales, manufacturing and more.

Normal to observe that, a set of executives are reluctant or doubtful when it comes to adopt new digital technologies including on-premise or cloud edition.
Sometimes it is difficult to bridge reluctances and key benefits.SAP HANA® remains a big interrogation within organizations. 
Henceforth with 30-day trial offer for the on-premise edition and SAP S/4HANA, cloud edition trial, SAP is working to dispel distrust around SAP HANA®. salutes this initiative that covers end-to-end digitized business processes in finance, procurement, sales, manufacturing and more to let businesses discover the value of instant business insight.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) workforce management solutions in our Cloud age.

The flexibility and the productivity provided by the Cloud are henceforth at the heart of increasing adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) workforce management solutions. encourages this momentum capable to transform the way organizations manage their workforces. 
The Big Data for Workforce Management is also changing the face of big data for workforce management by helping organizations align operational and financial data to monitor processes, improve outcomes, and plan for the future.
According to the latest global study of workforce management solutions published by IHS Technology, the Kronos Cloud is experiencing significant growth across all industry segments and company sizes, and is the fastest-growing aspect of the business.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) markets, use cases, excitements, Trends and key players.

It is clear that, when comparing the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) markets, use cases will be more exclusive with small overlap. Entertainment (video and gaming at the forefront) will flood the VR (Virtual Reality) market; while AR (Augmented Reality) will be driven by more enterprise uses, with focuses in efficiency and safety in industrial, automotive, and logistics environments.
As a whole, can observe that, ‘Microsoft’s Hololens will likely be a major driver of consumer AR devices, while Google Cardboard will continue to be the first choice for an inexpensive VR experience (estimated to ship around 1.5 million units by then end of 2015), and will join Samsung’s Gear VR in driving mobile-reliant device growth. 
The Oculus Rift, along with similar devices like the HTC Vive or Sony’s Project Morpheus, will be dominant among tethered devices and will drive early growth, with their successors likely continuing that lead in the space. These tethered VR…

Unify mobile security, identity management and compliance into one consolidated platform.

With you are henceforth aware that, digital technologies such as Cloud, IOT, Bigdata, Social, Analytics and Mobile are now the ‘norm’ in the enterprise and are creating a new set of complex security challenges.
This means that, organizations are more and more under pressure to provide seamless and secure access to a wide variety of applications from a growing number of devices.
Therefore, it is indispensable to simplify and streamline this process by unifying for example mobile security, identity management and compliance into one consolidated platform.
A consolidated code base, user interface, policy engine and workflow are recommended by as mobile workforce needs henceforth capabilities such as mobile device management, mobile app management, mobile content management, and mobile identity. 
A simplified end-users interaction with the system; improved sign-on experience for employees reduce helpdesk calls and enhance productivity.
Organizations also n…