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Facilitate the process of reviewing document changes in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and PDF files are at the core of productivity within each industry; so that their exploitations are henceforth indispensable for many neither on-premise or through the cloud.
The new compareDocs 4.2 release has captured our attention with its capabilities focusing on: changes made to different document types, including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. observes that, henceforth zero worries about trying to decipher what has changed and where. Users can inter alia: search for specific changes and modify the view to sort by change type: insertions, deletions or moves.

Manage Analytics Workloads

Beyond the availability of innovative technologies that exist and emerge, it is obvious that, data-centric companies are increasingly facing numerous challenges when it comes to store, manage and harness in real-time the unmatched opportunities of their vast amount of data.
At Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN), industrial groups in Brazil, they focus henceforth on IBM Power Systems and Storage to run their SAP HANA® in-memory analytics applications. 
In fact, they rely on the ‘stability and flexibility’ of IBM Power Systems and storage with the goal to providing a reliable system for running SAP HANA and their SAP applications. salutes this momentum that combine IBM Power Systems E880 servers running SAP HANA and IBM Storwize V5000 storage systems.

Global Workplace Transformation in our digital era

Our digital era with the Mobility and Managed computing ( modern networks, smart devices and robots, apps and content, self-services…) as a key drivers influence and deeply transform bow people get their work done, how businesses increase productivity, how they capture new opportunities and communicate.  In fact, emerging and futuristic work environments including Enterprise Mobility, Cloud and virtualization, autonomous and remote paradigms are henceforth at the core of stakes.
New-generation employees are young and extremely tech savvy. Demographics in the workplace are changing globally; and it is encouraging to see that, organizations are increasingly shifting toward emerging and futuristic technologies in the workplace to enhance productivity, agility, security, performance and sustainable growth.

Accessing cognitive computing to help personalise care

The power and flexibility, scalability and agility and the performance of the emerging technologies including: cognitive computing, cloud, Machine learning and more, are henceforth at the core of multiple dynamic transformations in our living and working environments.
When it comes to cognitive computing, talks inter alia about: the real-time capabilities to process vast amounts of big data to uncover patterns and actionable insights, Understand complex questions posed in natural language, Propose evidence-based answers, and Learn from each interaction.
Novo Nordisk and IBM Watson Health work henceforth together to create diabetes solutions built on the Watson Health Cloud. encourages this momentum based on IBM Watson, a cognitive computing platform.
The two companies will explore possibilities for improved diabetes care via insights from real-time, real world evidence of Novo Nordisk diabetes treatments and devices.